Thursday, December 6, 2012


I have just completed two very serious somewhat similar books in a row...similar in that there was a ton of storytelling in each...folklore kind of storytelling. They were both so good. Little Wolves...sad, serious, thought utterly amazing book.

Both books involved tragic events...both were so sad...both were intense...both were tremendous.
Little Wolves should not have appealed to me at had kittens, coyotes, cows, a mother kitty, pigs, even a sad bull and every time one of them was mentioned...especially the kittens...I had to stop and literally pray that they would be ok...I cannot read sad animal books.
But Little Wolves was an amazing book. It literally knocked my reading sox off. But I have to step away from these tortured souls for a bit...I need happy...or at least vamp happy dystopian fantasy YA tortured souls kind of happy...whew!

So I am reading this...and I can not put it down...and it is not happy or vampy or werewolfie or's sort of Girl With A dragon Tattoo ish...and Jo Nesbo-ish
and Ann Holt-ish and that other author whose series is on BBC...that flawed Norwegian detective that the English actor plays...of course you know who I am talking about!

It's so good!

Sort of rainy here today...all three of us had a late night...Bronco football was on...
We were still playing with Lucy at midnight! She is grumpy this morning and chooses not to be disturbed! Lol!

Tonight's dinner is very's the Italian version of shrimp and grits...meatballs and sauce over's so good...and I have everything already made ( thank you Country Butcher ) except the put polenta in a bowl and then sauce and meatballs and really good freshly grated cheese over it...yum! And you get to eat it with a spoon...a big spoon!

Happy Friday!


  1. If there is such a thing as reincarnation, I want to come back as your cat.

    I love polenta.
    Do you ever slice it and fry it?

    1. OMG! good...we have it that way with eggs for breakfast!

  3. Dinner looks delicious!

    The books however - sad,intense, tremendous - sound too much for me. Snow White Must Die is on my to-read list, glad to see it's got you hooked.

    1. are so right!

      From what I know about your would hate the first will totally love the last you read Ann Holt?

  4. Can I also come back as your cat? lol

    She does look like she has a charmed life. I like her cozy little sleeping places and her clothes!

    Your dinner looks delicious.....

  5. Yummy dinner! Snow White Must Die sounds sooooo good! Can't wait to hear more. :)

  6. I agree with Laurl-Rain. Lucy's bed is so chic! Wow! That polenta meal looks good too---as long as there's no butter in it! Ha!