Thursday, November 1, 2012

Just Some Odds And Ends...

I just read an article about pumpkins...every year we buy beautiful ones and toss them out. But now I am going to chop them up for the deer. There was a huge antlered deer by the deck the other day!

Oh boy! Snacks!

While filling the bird feeders yesterday...a red fox appeared...really close and seemingly unafraid...yikes! She ate a chunk of whole grain bread!

I am just a little afraid of venturing outside today...I think it's a stay in day.

So...reading this...

Making this for dinner...from The Kitchn...

Happy Thursday!


  1. I ventured out to the mall today but came home empty handed. I am not a good shopper.

  2. ROFL...A chunk of whole grain bread?! Was it just lying there or you gave her that chunk? The idea of this just cracks me up for some reason. Foxes are such attractive-looking animals. I'd love to see one in person...but their teeth look really sharp...

  3. Dinner looks yummy! What a great idea for the pumpkin. Hope your stay in day was fun!

  4. I had a "stay in" day, too, and not a lot of blogging. Not much going on, probably because of power outages, etc.

    I was waiting for a FedEx delivery, which naturally didn't come until 4:30. (It was my beaded curtain!).

    Now I'm going to unpack it and hang it...and hopefully it will be easy to do.

    I'm also reading a book about dogs....