Sunday, October 28, 2012

We Are Ready!

This is our idea of hurricane preparedness...the tuna is an expensive Italian one that we are sacrificing for Lucy...if we need to!

We went out to breakfast this we won't need to eat for awhile. Everything here is's warm...there is a beautiful light rain...I got to wear my new cape raincoat for the first time...but underneath there is this heavy weird feeling for what is to come.


And when the lights go out...we are going to follow Lucy!

Happy Calm Before The Storm!


  1. Smart plan! Cats always find the way. Good luck sweetie. I hope everything turns out fine. :)

  2. Oh shoot! Lucy is going to be leading the rescue! That's awesome! I love that light. You'll be able to find her no matter what. Too cool. You guys are too funny...LOL...

  3. Glad Lucy will be able to light the way! :) Fingers crossed for all of you.

  4. We are watching Sandy from the other side of the world and worrying for you all. Good luck.

  5. I'll be thinking of you! I hope the storm fizzles out.

  6. I hope it passes on by....or at least, that it does no damage. Stay safe!