Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday...Stuff In My Head!

I feel the need to make these. This recipe is in the Whole Foods Newsletter.

I really want to make this...this chef was on the Today Show yesterday. It's braised sausages, potatoes, apples, baby onions and prunes. The prune part might be a bit iffy...

I want to finish this today. I am sort of savoring it. It is such a pure and magical book.

I thought I bought Lucy a pumpkin hat for Halloween...er...uh...um...turns out it's a carrot!
Who knew?


  1. I bet the prunes are good. They probably reduce quite nicely.

  2. You and Den need matching carrot hats!

  3. Carrot hat...pumpkin hat...you'd think Lucy would know the difference!...perhaps she does...LOL

  4. Those cookie look good. The other dish does, too- though I am not sure about the prunes. Lol about the carrot/pumpkin! TOO FUNNY! :)

  5. Ha-ha....a carrot! Well, Lucy doesn't care, I'm sure.

    You are going to have a busy day!

  6. Did you take that photo of the sausage-prune dish or is it from the net? I probably shouldn't say it, but at first glance, it kind of reminded me of the cat box if you know what I mean...lol...I really had to study it to see what the heck it was!

    Lucy is so patient with you guys...lol...I do love the hat. She looks like a cross between a soldier and a viking. Hee hee hee....

  7. Somehow I missed those cookies in the WF newsletter! But now I majorly want them also!