Monday, October 1, 2012


Sometimes I want to shout out my love for Mondays! I use them to hunt, gather, and's my day to put some of the randomness of the week end back in order. It's my catch up day for laundry and some random house chores...Den, Lucy and I are all so neat that nothing really gets disordered but I try to focus on something that needs to be done. I am so good at light housekeeping and so bad with deep cleaning.

I need help with that!

I do change out certain paintings, pillows, and other things for each season...seashells, Maine paintings, pillows, quilts...are being exchanged for pumpkins and other things. I have a huge collection of pumpkins and this is the only time of year where I shout out my hidden love for all things orange!

Yeah orange!

Random baby pumpkins...

Front door pumpkins...I have a pumpkin front door wreath being made...

Scarecrows! A girl and a boy! Patty and Den!
It's the bulletin board thing that certain teachers never outgrow...I love orange construction paper pumpkins!
With a passion!

Pumpkin Kitty Quilt!
Can you tell I love primitives?

Still reading this...I have to say I am not loving it...Evie...main sort of grating on my nerves...I think I don't like this era of flappers and I hate the way she talks...absotootely...lifeski...everythingski...and this is a book I bought!!!

Happy October First!


  1. I'm with you on the deep cleaning stuff! I bet you were a wonderful teacher!

  2. Ah, I love your pumpkins...the array on the cabinet is so beautifully done.

    I'm better at light housekeeping, too. Deep cleaning only happens in the bathrooms, and sometimes only the guest bathroom. Yes, I hate anything that requires getting out the rubber gloves, or anything that might end up with a broken

  3. You keep things so neat, when do you ever need to deep clean? Oh, oh about The Diviners. Now you're scaring me. Don't tell me it sucks. Nooooo....I read another flapper book, once. The first book in a trilogy. I didn't finish the series, but it's not because it was bad--I just couldn't get into that whole flapper period. They didn't talk in a lot of dialect though like it sounds like this Evie is doing. Yuck! Now I'm not in such a hurry to read it. *sigh*

    Love Lucy in the pirate hat! LOL....hee hee....

    1. You should be scared about that

  4. Cute post. I must agree with you. I always liked to decorate pumpkins & black cats & scarecrows now, too. Enjoy!

    1. Something about the way they look and the way they taste...

  5. Yay for the all the pumpkin and fall awesomeness in this post!

  6. Love your seasonal decorations...such fun!