Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Everything Is Put Away...

Generator, cords, supply baskets, head lights, towels, extra batteries, radio...all stored neatly away...I can't even bring myself to say for the next time...and our distress was nothing compared to what happened barely an hour or two away.

What I learned...hmmm...

I learned that my husband is a born protector...he will do anything to keep his little family safe and sound. I learned how sweet my family is...calling every few hours to make sure we were ok.

I also learned that I rely on tv, my laptop, my IPad, my kindle and the Internet...way too much!

I learned to not crave chocolate chip cookies when there is no electricity.

I learned that a hot shower has amazing healing powers. My neighbor took a cold shower in buckets of icy water and then got a ticket yesterday on his way to work.

I learned to let some things go...I am not going to review or try to review books that expired on NetGalley and Edelweiss today. I am forgetting about them and looking forward to November.

I learned that no matter how soggy our lawn is...Halloween is on for tonight. Dinner will be interrupted by a ringing doorbell and lots of children calling trick or treat!

Happy Halloween!


  1. Hopefully there won't be a next time. I'm kind of sad about Halloween because Milou used to love seeing all the children come to the door - she always thought they were coming to see her.

  2. Happy Halloween indeed! Glad everyone is safe.

  3. Happy Halloween! I will be handing out candy tonight too. Hopefully, the pup will allow the bell to ring without too much drama.

  4. O yes! Hot showers are the first thing I always miss. Great post. Happy Halloween doll!

  5. Glad you're safe and sound. Happy Halloween!

  6. Yes, a disaster can really change our perspective about things. I'm glad you came through okay...and Happy Halloween!

  7. Happy Halloween! We have had a lot of trick or treaters so far tonight, but not as many as usual. Glad you learned some good lessons through the storm. Hope you won't need the supplies for a long time. :) Glad you are safe!

  8. I am so glad that you are safe too!

    We had about 6 trick or treaters...

    At least it's a short work week!

  9. So glad you and yours are safe and sound!