Sunday, October 14, 2012

Breakfast, Papers, SNL, Football, Dinner, Amazing Race, Bed!

That's our day...dinner...a Sunday roast of beef with carrots and slow cooking away. A request for mashed potatoes and gravy has been since gravy is not my forte...I have to figure that one out. Hello, Gravy Googling!

Our concert last night was good...but I have discovered that I get bored, restless and antsy at concerts...much to Den's dismay!

This place delightfully surprises us every time we attend a concert there. We were really close to the stage at a comfy table for two. I had an excellent martini and this salad...arugula, roasted golden beets, goat cheese...mmmmm...really yummy!


We split a baby pumpkin cheesecake with a gingerbread crust and cranberry compote...really delicious.

Reading this...and it's so good...but I loved the first one...this one sort of grabs you right breakneck speed. This has to be a movie...seriously! It is that good!
Right now...all I want to read is fantasy...

With that said/ er...ah...typed...I am off...
Happy Sunday!


  1. Replies
    1. You and I are like soul sisters! Lol...

  2. If I could sit down for a little while and eat, I think I'd be perfectly content at a concert. These days, I might even fall asleep.

  3. Oh, that salad looks so yummy! It has some of my favorite ingredients.

    Your roast sounds delicious, too.

  4. Hey! I thought you liked concerts. I'm getting ready to watch The Amazing Race, too. Haven't watched it in years, but there are some teams this season that annoy me and I want to see them

  5. I haven't been to an event with live music in FOREVER...kinda miss it. But no concerts here come with food that good! Jealous!

  6. All of the food you ate sounds SO good! I must read that book- it looks like one I will love! I can tell it was a big hit with you. :)