Thursday, October 4, 2012

Book Report!!!


Finally finished this...and I must say the last 150 pages were yummy...except for one thing...grrrr...can't reveal it but totally unnecessary for this animal lover!
Double grrrr...

Just finished this...not my usual kind of book...definitely middle grades to adult...who really cares if you are a grown up and love kid books...anyway...
It was really good! A sort of travel back in time book with the main character a boy who is bullied, sad, lost and lonely. He finds a little green book...opens it and is in 1802 Tennessee! Davy Crockett, Cherokee, lots of bad guys and houses that look like Laura Ingalls Wilder's house. And...the book was his dad's...anyway...I loved it!

Now...I have no clue what to read next...there is no rhyme or reason to what I am choosing...I love it!

I am leaning toward this one because I read fab reviews about it.

Or one of these!

As of this minute...I remain undecided...I am taking a break and watching Supernatural...yikes!


  1. I vote for the Scrapbooking Society book!

    1. I know...the summary is really good!

  2. Glad you finished The Diviners and that the last pages were yummy. The time travel book sounds like fun. You have so many good books to choose from! Yeah you!

  3. The Last Dragon Slayer sounds fun :)

  4. I haven't read anything by Libba Bray....she seems very quirky, so I have to grab something of hers.

    I love the look of the book with the VW on the cover...just saying.