Friday, September 7, 2012


We spent part of yesterday with Den's 93 year old father at his assisted living residence. He has a small cozy apartment and he feels safe and happy there...he has short term memory issues which means he told us he has a lovely girl friend but he can't remember her name so he calls her "honey". Apparently "honey" is an author but I wasn't paying attention enough to find out what she wrote...I was reading...she is probably someone really famous and I missed out...she was totally fascinated by books on my iPad and said that her reading group just finished reading The Little Book by Seldon Edwards. I am going to find her today and have a little chat about her books, hopefully.

We were exhausted after our visit yesterday so we claimed the rest of the day as ours...
We went back to our inn...had one of these...or, of for a while...

Went back down for dinner...Colorado Ruby Red Trout...yum...yum...yummy!
And a lovely glass of wine...
It was so nice to not get in a car!

And were back upstairs in time to watch Big Brother!

Reading this...which I will finish before we my away books read total is I will read one more on the plane...whew!
Am I too hard on me?

Can not wait even one more day to see her...

Happy Friday!


  1. Awesome meal!
    And you must find out what she wrote and let us know :)
    How cute that she was fascinated by the book on your iPad. SO CUTE!

  2. I know...that's my goal today!

  3. Den's father and I sound a lot alike! lol You must find out about Honey!

  4. It's interesting that you're visiting an older relative; on Saturday Snapshot (tomorrow's post), I shared some photos of my daughter and grandson with his great-grandma, who is in her 90s.

    I like how you treated yourself with that "organic" drink afterwards...and that dinner looks fabulous!

  5. Den's father sounds like my dear departed Hungarian aunt who was also in an assisted-living, with short term memory. Those places are really a comforting places where they get such good care that family members would not be able to perform 'round-the clock'

    Your organic cocktail and the yummy trout, looks perfect!