Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Finished way way into the night last night...the bad guy is a really bad bad guy...there is a beast called The Cursed One...who comes up from the earth in a fire breathing rage...the Commander...the very bad mean and ruthless and evil and kills without remorse. Then we have lovely fiery Rachel and swoon worthy Logan...and the mess they are's dystopian perfection!

Dinner last night was here...
Boulder...which is a trip of its

Bistro have a serious problem with over using yummy...we had escargot...we did old school French...and little filets and frites and tomatoes and greens...all on one plate...which was amazing for me because...I hate when food counter the effects of touching food...I ate the tomatoes first, then the greens, then the filet and last the frites...perfection!

Oh...and the escargot was in a yummy sauce and of course there was the best French bread for dipping! Then we had coffee which of course kept me up all night but then I read all of Defiance so...even Steven?

Now reading good already...

Still horribly missing her...that face seems to be saying...where is Patty?

So much for Wordless Wednesday...


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  2. It sounds like your trip is going well in spite of Lucy's absence.

  3. I am really looking forward to Blackberry Winter!

    Poor Lucy....

  4. The food sounds delicious! You are so close to my brother and my niece and nephew. Boulder is only 20 minutes or so from them. :) I am sure Lucy is missing you... but I am glad you have been getting to read some good books! Happy travels. :)