Saturday, June 23, 2012

Taking A Plunge Into The Kitten Pool!

One of these is potentially Lucy's baby kitty brother!!!
I am thinking it's that light colored feisty one!
We need a spunky kitty in this house to match the spunky kitty we have!

Lucy sort of looked at them...sort of interested!
I have since found out that there are two boys and two girls.
These babies are 9 days old!
I have three months to prepare...Lucy.

Happy Sunday!!!

Reading this...oh me oh my, how I love this series...they just get better and better and even though it has been awhile since the last one the characters and the story's essence are clear and vivid from the first few pages.

Wishing everyone a relaxing fun Sunday!

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  1. I think you should get all four kittens - it'd be a shame to separate them!

    1. Now that would be fun...and really throw Lucy for a whirl!!!

  2. What adorable little kittens! Lucy will enjoy a spunky one for sure!!

    Glad The Enchantress is as good as you expected. Looking forward to starting the series soon. Yeah!

  3. That lighter coloured one does look like quite feisty!! You are braver than me - my kitten days are over... I bet Lucy will be a wonderful mommy:)

  4. Yes, the lighter colored one does look like it would fit with Lucy...but maybe Lucy would be happier as the center of your