Saturday, June 2, 2012

Last Day And On Our Way Home!

Friday in Camden was the most perfect involved waking up early and then falling back to sleep again...then Zoot's coffee...then a long walk...our goal was to find the famous Camden Galway cows...the cows that look like Oreo cookies.
We couldn't find them. So sad...

A quick drop off...Lucy back to the room...and a yummy lunch of local oysters and an heirloom tomato salad at a nice glass of chilled white wine. We made a new friend...a 19 year old college junior named Watson...apparently long winters in Maine are conducive to fast tracking...Watson was a junior in college his first year!

Then I sent Den back to our room so I could pop next door to a cool shop...I bought three summery gauzy dresses in minutes. Fast track
Then tons of fun watching a sort of local talent show from our room. A huge barge pulled up into the harbor and there were local musicians. Plus after every act the MC asked people to step up to the barge and tell a family friendly joke. It looked as if everyone in Camden came out for this event.
After dinner we finally got our ice cream!!!
We had to stampede over every high schooler in Camden but on Friday's this teeny little shop stays open until 10:00!!!

Oh happy day!
After a long rainy wet drive home we are here! Home! I love Maine but it's so nice to be home.

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  1. I swear I want to go shopping with you one day!

    1. I am that good!

      You would have loved this shop!

  2. You had an amazing time. I loved all of the spots you shared. I was often so jealous and envious, wishing that you could push me around in a stroller like dear Lucy.