Wednesday, June 20, 2012

iPads And Cats...It's A Good Thing! I Think!

Ok...I may have mentioned that Lucy amazing Tonkinese tv...favorite, the Puppy Bowl and anything with dolphins. She will also watch certain animated movies...Lion King...and Puss In Boots...but only the one with Antonio Banderas...and her new fave is the one where the animals escape from the zoo. She is better with trailers than actual movies...attention span?

I have noticed that she has shown an interest in my iPad...
Of course Den and are always on the lookout for YouTube videos that we think would enrich her...ha ha ha...are you believing this?
I showed her one where a cat is being petted and when the petting stops...the cat actually gently taps the petter's arm to get petted again!
A few weeks ago Lucy started doing this...I was reading and absentmindedly petting her...when I stopped she gently reached for my arm to start petting again!
She has been doing this for a few weeks now but clever little kitty added her own touch.
If I am not responding fast enough...she now gently bites pet her more...
My question is this...did I teach her or did she teach me?
We have been told that Lucy's potential baby brother was born last Friday!!!
This is not him...he will have a similar look but hopefully less attitude.
Little Oliver Watson Whatever...our names have all gone out the window!
Purebred Tonks can come in all of these colors in the same litter...all we know is that there are 4 babies!
This could possibly be Lucy's most expensive cat toy!

We are going to take Lucy out to dinner to break the news gently...
TEASING...sort of!
We have no clue what we are doing about this kitten thing...floundering...I am sure!
New thought...
this feels like a post I have written I losing it?
Let's blame it on "da noise".
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  1. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I want to be reincarnated as your cat.

  2. I don't think you have posted about this before! I laughed out loud while I read through this. First I was thinking how clever you were to show Lucy youtube videos and that she learned from them. I was thinking of all the possibilities (it is the teacher in me). Then when I read about her biting you- I burst out laughing that she may have learned a bit too much. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing. :) Hope she takes the news of the new kitty well!

  3. My cat does that petting thing. But her big thing is if she wants my attention and I'm sitting in my desk chair, she reaches out and pats my arm/shoulder (since bed is right next to the desk). I hope Lucy takes to the kitten when you get him.

  4. Chloe bites like that, Grizelda pats us all the time. Grizzi held her own bottle @ two weeks, and always held my hands. She is a hugger. Chloe just bites when she wants something.
    We talked about the kitten thing. Cats need other cats. Involve your vet, and reassure Lucy. When she sees it is okay with you she will be okay. You will know what to are a loving mom. :-)

  5. What a cute story! I like the idea of her Antonio Banderas preference. Good taste, Lucy!

    But kitty siblings for her? I don't know if she would take that well....

  6. She is going to be fine with a kitty in the house. I think she will surprise you.