Friday, June 1, 2012

Here Comes The Sun...

Dinner last night was here...outside...and lovely...I am hooked on halibut!
Entertainment was provided by two fishing diving seals...a first for us in Camden Harbor. They stayed between our table and the red building in the distance for most of our dinner....I was saving a little piece of my halibut just in case they moved closer but Dennis ate it when I wasn't looking. The restaurant owners provided us with blankies to wrap around us because it was so cold but so nice to be out on the patio part.

Yesterday we had a minor car issue that could have been disastrous. My window went halfway down and would not go back up again! The nearest dealer was over 65 miles away! Panic ensued! Tempers flared! And that was just Lucy!
We were on our way to a winery. We were going to cross a suspension bridge and go to this glass walled conservatory place where you go up in an elevator and can see almost across Maine to Penobscot Island. I think. I was humoring Dennis!
Anyway...while calling the car place and prepping for a long drive and long wait...a kindly mechanic told Den how to try one last time to get the button to work...and it did! Whew! He also said not to touch it 'til we get home. And of course that is the one button that we always hit by accident. I think I will sit in back with Lucy!

On this trip to Maine I am realizing that we have two different ideas about what we want when we get here.
I want a walk in the morning and a book and my iPad during the afternoon. We are right on the water, you can see mountains and boats and people walking all around. I love to sit on the deck or in the living room and read and chat until dinner. I want coffee or tea mid afternoon and then a shower and dinner. A lovely drink and a lovely dinner. Then back to our room and Lucy and tv and more reading. I am happy staying in Camden and never moving the car.
It's not complicated at all. I don't want to look at stuff in shops. I don't want a sweater with lobsters on it. I don't want a "You Are My Maine Man" tee. There are lovely things to buy and usually we get a new print or hand made mugs or something special. I am buying a hand carved fish on a stick...later won't be laughing when I show him to you
Camden shuts down at nine at night...we were starved for ice cream last night and at 9:01 the ice cream shop shut down. This kind of trip is not for everyone but I love it! I cannot even begin to tell you how much! We have been coming to Maine on and off for years and this is what I love. My life in Maine is just like my life at home...who knew?
Dennis the Explorer needs action...he worries about what we are not doing even while we are doing something else and even if we have already done it. Usually taking an afternoon and letting him plan something helps. See yesterday's car fiasco. Sending him off for a power walk in the afternoon helps. Forcing him to read three chapters in his book before I will talk to him works the best...why didn't I think of that sooner?
finished this...

Reading this...almost done...didn't like it at first but really enjoying it now...

Saving this for the ride home...

Lucy feels the same way I do about how to spend time in Camden...she is basking in harbor views here...

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  1. I think Carl needs to vacation with you and I need to vacation with Dennis! lol Our ideas of vacations differ too. I can't believe the weather - I'm trying to figure out what to take to New York.

  2. My husband is much like Den. You and I would have no problems... we are on the same page as far as the type of vacations we enjoy. My husband would have taken that door apart though. He THINKS he is a fixer but he is not.

  3. I would have died with the door taken apart...

  4. Sometimes I have halibut, just for the halibut... that, and the fact that I love it... lol!! Have fun :)

  5. I like your idea of vacation! I think it is always interesting to see people's traveling styles. My fiance and I usually agree- but he is a bit more of an explorer than I am. Your view sounds just lovely! Happy reading. :)


  6. I like your idea of how to spend the vacation...although occasionally I enjoy poking around in shops...but slowly, with no pressure to be anywhere else.


    Great photos.

  7. ...again, I love your post, the photos, and Lucy looking over the balcony, so cute! I could see that she is being careful not to fall over the edge. When Prince was young, he was very daring, jumping so high, and low with his long legs!
    I certainly hear you about the car problems. I ended up with not one, but 2 flat tires this week, and had to get new ones!

  8. Awwwwwww
    Luckily my husband and I were both explorers when we traveled.
    Now that we have a baby though, that's changed. We're having to become relaxers and it's kinda tough for us.

    So tell us more about this fish on a stick ;)