Sunday, June 17, 2012

French Bread And More!!!

So...barely 5 minutes from our house...we found bread!!! Lucy Grace and I could ride my bike there!!! Well...she would be in her bike basket. I would be peddling.

It looks like this...sort of...only real!!!

It's a neat old house and a neat lady makes the most amazing breads...whatever kind she is in the mood for and not regularly. If you see a tri colored French flag hanging outside her door you know she's made bread and sometimes other goodies. Sometimes if you can't stand it and you really need their bread...she most likely wasn't in the mood to bake that day. But you can call and beg!!!

I will be good at that, I think!

Oh...and the bread sells on the honor sign in and pay $4.00 a loaf for the most heavenly bread on earth. Today she had brownies...for one dollar each. And French bread...everything is organic, too.

And she had herbed bread for $6.00. We bought that, too...everything was still warm and the space smelled heavenly!

She bakes on one of these...a Vulcan!

And walk into the lower level of this yummy historic house...and buy bread! I tried to call upstairs to the ladies that I have never seen but Den yelled at me...

spoil sport!

Have a happy day everyone!!!

The winner of Island Apart is....Ti!!! You lucky duck!!!

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  1. That sounds amazing! I love that they use the honor system.

    Congratulations Ti!

  2. Congratulations, Ti!

    I love that you can bike to get homemade bread. I love everything about the system- the honor system, the flag, the fact that you can beg! So fun and yummy!

  3. Oh, I do love breads....Yummy!

    When I was still working (at my other career!), there was a little bistro next to my office that had the best ever scones. I would stop in there early (7 am) and have some with their coffee (also fabulous!). But then they sold the bistro and a horrible restaurant went in it place. Everything was ruined! lol

    Enjoy your biking and your treats. What does Lucy have?

  4. I really love a cozy place like that! I can imagine how warm and amazing it can be :)

  5. How I wish I had a french bakery just down the street from me... maybe it's better that I don't, lol!! My paternal grandmother was very french and she made wonderful bread as well.

  6. I love how you managed to turn a bread post into something positive for this gluten free gal! LOL!! Yay me!