Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Yesterday...an odd duck of a day...lots of rain...in fact the night before yesterday began...there were lightning storms everywhere...and tons of rain...of course I am in full summer mode so I had nothing warm ish...I had wraps and some light dressy sweaters...gauzy fun things that would get sopping wet in minutes!

I am such a great packer...lol...
And...I had the brilliant idea of packing lighter...and stopping in Camden before we checked in to our hotel...to do laundry...right after we had a Red's Lobster Roll for lunch! We are not huge lobstah eaters but Red's is kind of a tradition.

Ok...the laundry? Very bad idea...we had no clue what the rules were and we kept feeding quarters into all the wrong machines...who knew arrows meant anything? And folding clothes on the wrong tables...more knowledgeable people than us kept moving our stuff. People who use laundromats appear to be very territorial...I learned this very quickly...
And the laundromat lady would not let me use her bathroom. Ok...so I did look sort of drowned rattish...did I mention it was pouring? The rain made me want a bathroom even more...but she said I had to go to Remy's next door.

Ok...bear with me while I explain Reny's...in a nutshell it is unexplainable...it is a store that carries anything you need ever...I went in to find a bathroom and came out with three sort of canvas boat bags...two pink and one blue...a warm black zippered hoodie to replace my cold wet one...a nail file...I think I spent $3.00...not really but Den reads this...I could have purchased dishes, towels, food, shoes, literally anything...and if you are thinking it's like a Target? No way...it's a one of a kind Maine store...Reny's!!!
Ok...laundry finally done...those dryers are a total ripoff...thank God someone took pity on me and told me that very hot meant nothing and to use it...otherwise I would still be there!
Off to our hotel...where the next fiasco occurs. We are the last room on the right.
Lucy's favorite room...lol...

Now to the official unloading of the car...this is an 11 room lovely hotel...Den began the unloading...a bag of clothes for each of us, his bag of chargers, book, iPad, my bag of chargers, two books, Kindle, my iPad, my day purse, my night purse, my walking cross body bag, bag of shoes, Lucy's Hello Kitty backpack, her litter box, her stroller, bag of toiletries, three extra new bags from Reny's with freshly washed clothes inside...I think that was it...there is still a bag of fine washable clothes in the car that I like to hang and not put in the dryer plus our snack basket! And beer mugs and my white duck...OMG...
We were all good until someone asked Den how long we were staying...and then we both lost it!!!
I resumed speaking to him at dinner...which was lovely and put us in happy moods again...
we ate at Fresh!!!
A skip hop and jump from our hotel...it was still pouring!!! Dinner was fantastic...I had a wedgie lettuce salad and another starter...falafel...sounds odd but it was perfect...Den had steak and mashed sweet potatoes and an amazing tomato salad...

Book news...finished this...so good!

Reading this...so good!

Waking her up for a walk!
Sun is out!!!
We will all be happy until we have to pack the car again!!!

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  1. What are y'all traveling in? A U-Haul?

    1. I know...it is sad...very sad...

  2. Hahaha! Reny's is like this store we go to in Ojai. You can buy wind chimes, spackle and a gorgeous cashmere sweater all in one spot.

  3. BTW...the last time I went somewhere to do laundry was when my daughter tossed her cookies on her puffy puffy quilt. I could not for the life of me figure out how to get money into the machine. Then this lady told me I had to buy a coin card. What? The minimum card was $10 and it cost $3.50 to wash and 1.50 to dry so I still have money on the damn thing.

  4. It sounds like you are having quite the adventure so far! I learned a lot about laundry mats a year ago when I had to use one while traveling. Definitely an experience! I love Maine- but have never been to Reny's. I will have to shop there next time. Fresh sounds delicious and now I want that Emily Giffin book. I didn't even know she had another one coming out. Yeah! Have a ton of fun and I hope you have lots of great weather.

  5. Having to use the laundromat feels like a punishment, and reminds me of those apartments I lived in during the 70s and 80s; you're right, the number of coins required could actually almost break a person!

    It's not like they let you use your credit cards...lol

    I like the stories...and learning about Reny's. I had to laugh at all the stuff...and the chargers. Yes, we couldn't go anywhere without our technology!

    Lucy requires as much stuff as a kid...lol

    Hope you're having fun!

  6. I could just sit here and keep going back and forth reading your updates on your fabulous trip, Patty!
    Of course, I love all the Lucy stories:DDD