Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Very Stony Saturday

This is what is going down today!

Digging...digging...and even more digging!

Den thinks he didn't order enough stones but this is a pretty big pile of lovely stones!

We/he is filling in the area under the deck and actually making it bigger. We/he will put cobblestone pavers in it for planters and walking...kind of like stepping stones.

Oh boy...

It is cold here today and last night we had a hard freeze!

I am anxious to plant but I guess I have to wait a bit!

This comes up every year...just like this...I don't even know what they are other than pink heart shaped little flowers!

Have a happy Saturday! Lucy and I are off to supervise!

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  1. Looks like you/Den got his hands full with home and garden projects. It's such a rainy/cloudy day here today, and will be like this all week long. I bet you and Lucy do a great job of supervising...LOL

  2. It cooled off here for a little while but we're back to hotter than blazes weather.

  3. My girls would kill me if I dressed them! Lucy is lovely!
    Have a rockin' weekend!

  4. Lucy does look unconvinced that events are unfolding as they should.

    I love decorative rocks/stones. They're a bear to work with, aren't they?

    I ended up getting Noah this afternoon, after I'd gone to lunch and a movie.

  5. Digging is also good when you're kinda throw out the earth and the anger away...

  6. So how did the project turn out?