Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love these!!!

Chairs!!! I love this one from Napastyle. I love the dog and book on the seat,too.

And these lights from the same place...

I am still loving Pinterest...found this there...

Lucy's newest passion...
The ants move...I tap them...she watches...the game ends...and we do it all over again!
She snuggles in my arms for IPad time...there is a YouTube video of a real frog
watching this...she watched that video, too.
Who knew?
Obviously she is a very clever

Yep...very clever!

Happy Friday!


  1. Our dog used to love to watch animals on TV. I love Adirondack chairs but they're so hard to get in and out of gracefully.

  2. That Adirondack chair is lovely...I can picture it in a garden, with an arbor nearby....and lots of lovely flowers, too.

    Hmm, the expression on Lucy's face is...wary?

  3. Such a pretty Adirondack!

    Love your blanket!

  4. Lucy and my Otter Pup have the life. They are always, always snuggled up in bed or some other cozy spot. Mine won't let me snap a pic though.

  5. I love our adirondack chairs, even though they need repainted. ants, however, I hate, even digital ones.

  6. A few years back, I remember I used to leave the T.V. on for Prince so he could watch Animal Planet while I was out! Years ago he would be mesmerized watching the screensaver on my computer with the fishies on them!
    I love hearing the cute stories about Lucy! So cute, snuggling under your pretty covers:DDD