Thursday, April 26, 2012

Just A Lazy Day...Today...

Yesterday I took part in a video conference about fashion...i did this with 6 other women from all over the country. It was actually totally fascinating and so much fun. The only problem?

I learned that I can not sit still...I write, move, play with my hair, sip water, and make faces. I must always do this...


I annoyed myself with my inability to sit still.

Finishing this...there are lots of biblical references in this book as seen and understood through the eyes of this little girl. It is so sweetly written. We see the world through the eyes of the little girl. Her thoughts are funny but sort of sadly funny. I am really smitten with this book!

I am seriously exhausted from yesterday...setting up a camera, rearranging my day, actually doing hair and makeup and getting mildly dressed up for this...washing and drying and flat ironing my hair?

Making sure the room behind me was dust free and tidied...I was in my husband's study because they did not want me to be wireless...and that is where the unwireless stuff is...and it's a sort of cowboy Western themed room...that I don't usually spend time in.

And for the entire two hours...Lucy threw herself against the door and cried...she whimpered, moaned, and literally flew into my arms when I finally opened the door...almost sobbing...


Taking the day off today...reading, maybe a movie...Lucy is not leaving my side...

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  1. I bet that conference was fun! I am so unfashionable though, you could use me as an example of what not to do.

  2. Lucy! Please kiss her between those ears for me?

  3. It is so surprising to see oneself on first experience with it was during graduate school, when they videotaped our therapy sessions with clients.

    I had no idea how much I smiled, somewhat incessantly....but it was helpful.

    How interesting to take part in a fashion conference.

    Poor Lucy! She doesn't like not being the center of attention, does she?