Saturday, April 28, 2012


I am so cold...I think it is because I am wearing shorts and short sleeves...and we had a "hard freeze" last night...there has not been sunny warm deck time...and we have been eating soup!
It feels more like winter now than winter did!
I have no clue what is happening here!
I want this...From Pinterest of course...

But we have this...

I just had to drink a cup of hot hot hot coffee because I am so cold! But now I have on long pants and a thermal top!
Have I mentioned that I am cold?
I had to get a winter blanket out again...because...
Patty and Lucy and Denny are cold!
In almost May?
Hey...I want in there...

Reading this...private school, secret society, mystery, and a girl who speaks to Edward R. Murrow? Really good stuff. Thank you, Jennifer Miller.

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  1. I loove winter and wish it would get cold again. It's been cool this week and I have loved it.
    Where do you live?

  2. I was going to suggest changing clothes but see you've done that. We're expecting a high of 90 today - come on down! You could help me shop!!

  3. All I'm going to say is Lucy looks really sweet and Dennis looks especially handsome in this shot--very aristocratic. hee hee...

  4. Kathy said, you needed a change of clothes! But I really don't like the "mood swings" of the weather lately, either. We've had nice weather for a few days, but last week was rainy, cold, and stormy. Who knows what will happen next?

    I love that garden cart, too. I envision it on a deck.

  5. That's what it was like where I am too. The heat was off because the weather was gorgeous. And then the temps tanked and I had to turn my heat back on again. The seasons are dyslexic, I tell you.