Monday, April 23, 2012

Books In The House...

Oh my goodness...what books get added to the stack of books to be read?
Here are a few of all of their bookish glory!

It is a tradition to read her every summer...

Call this one cover love and an alluring description...described by Horn Book as a "potent historical novel".

And this...described as a "tale of love lost and found, the rekindling of passion and the complex dynamics of family and friendship". Oooh!

And a edgy chilling mystery...

And another even edgier chilling mystery...

And this author's newest..I love this author's books...this one is about a school, a man with a gun and a student. The story is told by five different narrators. I know...most likely intense but I still want to read it.

My lovely stash was provided by various publishers through NetGalley and Amazon Vine. I am more than appreciative.

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  1. Those should keep you busy for a couple days.

  2. I'm waiting for One Breath Away...I do love this author's books. And the Nancy Thayer book is on my wish list.

    Love the look of The First Warm Evening of the Year....enjoy!

  3. I want to read all of these books! They look and sound fantastic. I have enjoyed other Nancy Thayer books- and this one looks good. I love the cover of The Wicked and Just. Can't wait to hear more about these. :)


  4. A lot of edgy mysteries :) Love them :)

  5. Looks like a great batch of books. And I love the covers on the first three. Enjoy!

  6. Nancy Thayer in the summer? Tell me more.