Friday, March 16, 2012

Whew!!! I Battled WordPress And Almost Won...


I could not comment on some of my favorite blogs that are powered by WordPress this week...are Google and WordPress mad at each other?

I had to establish a WordPress account to comment.


I have no clue...but if you are not seeing comments from those of us who always comment...this is why...but I am all fixed now!


Random number generator chose Laurel as the winner of last Friday's giveaway...she should be reading and chocolate nibbling soon!!!

Other news?

Doesn't she look sweet?

Hmmm...the time change has sort of changed my beloved Lucy Grace. She sleeps later...she is restless at night...she sees sun and believes she and I should be deck sitting.

We launched her kitty tent, mattress and lounge chair contraption weeks before we normally do.

Right now she is sitting on the sofa engaging me in a stare down. Next she will pace and yell...and knock framed photos off of tables. If that doesn't get her what she wants she will race upstairs, jump up on our bed and scream some is driving Dennis crazy but I am used to

One of my nieces contacted an animal behaviorist who is talking to Lucy and calming her down...hourly...

Hmmm...working...not working...working...

I think Lucy needs an intervention!!!

Or I do...

In spite of what I say I am reading...I am reading everything but that...
I just finished this...not sure if I loved it but it was interesting...

Happy Friday!!!


  1. She needs a friend. A little, furry one.

  2. Oh, my, Lucy sounds very out of sorts...I can almost hear her "scream," as I've had cats who sound just like that.

    Good luck!

    And thanks again for the contest win.

    As for Word Press, I had no idea! Since I have an account there, it hasn't been an issue.

    However, I've noticed a constant pattern of Word Press admin. putting comments into the spam folder with no apparent rhyme or reason, so I am constantly having to sift through that folder...and going: oh, yes, here's another blogger friend in the folder!


    I do appreciate that they filter out the real spam, though.

    1. I think it was just awkward that no one knew about it.

  3. Shes does look sweet.
    And I am SO glad to hear it's not just me that was encountering problems.

  4. This stuff with WP this week was very frustrating.

    I would hope Daylight Savings Time would make Milou sleep in, but that only lasted a few days. She adjusted better than I did.

  5. Silly Lucy. If it works, let me know. My oldest male (the mamma's boy) has taken to bellowing for me when I go downstairs in the morning when he thinks he hasn't gotten enough attention.

    Does she need a little of the cat nip to mellow her out?

  6. Lucy looks so cute! I can relate to her because I have been having a hard time adjusting to the time change this year! The Gathering Storm looks interesting. Sorry to hear you were having trouble with wordpress! Glad everything is better!

    1. Yes...things are much better...and the adjustment to this time change is getting better...

  7. Lucy is beautiful :) I think she has spring fever, our cat Rosie, who we had for 19 years, got like that every spring.

    1. She definitely has spring fever!!!

  8. I thought cats were independent and indifferent souls. Suddenly my needy dog doesn't seem so bad.

  9. I don't know what's going on with Word Press...did not come into contact with comment problems yet. Lucy is so sweet, and beautiful. It's a fact, and she knows it too! Spring fever has gotten to Lucy for sure!