Monday, March 12, 2012

I Seriously Almost Forgot About My Blog Today...

Are you tired from the time change?


I think I might have napped today but I was so busy...a friend and I went to a behind the scenes thing at our new Whole's not open yet but this was a fun pre opening field trip!!!

The store was stocked but not officially open until Wednesday so it was off to another store for groceries...

Officially exhausted!!!

My reading goal this week is to finish my last four Amazon Vine books by 3 o'clock this Thursday.

This is what I am working on...

Not sure if I will make it since I read nothing today!!!
Not one word!!!
And even now...when I could be reading...I am watching The Bachelor...even though I read somewhere that they have already broken up!!!

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  1. I'm also tired from the time change and slept in the last two mornings - which I dislike doing very much as it throws me off for the entire day. Lol, I must be getting old or something...!!

    1. Oh no...not the dreaded getting

  2. A field trip to a grocery store doesn't sound like fun to me since I hate grocery shopping. It'll take me a week to adjust to the time change.

    1. It was sort of am still tired today and I can't stay up...I am falling asleep earlier...

  3. This time of year I want to move to Arizona where they are sensible enough not to have daylight savings - honestly, do we really need it?

  4. The time change helps me with Prince not waking me up to feed him so early. He meows in my ear at such an early least now, I can sleep an hour later...let him be the confused one...I'm the tired one!
    How is Lucy taking the one hour time change?