Tuesday, March 13, 2012

HasselBack Sweet Potatoes...Who Knew?

This is one...a "hasselback" potato...it was as if I was performing potato surgery on this bad boy...but it was so good...the most treacherous part was putting each sweet potato between two wooden spoon handles.

I had no clue what this meant until I actually did it. It simply prevents you from slicing through the potato...thank goodness I had spares...lol...

There are zillions of these recipes on line...mine came from a site called Willow Bird Baking.

You will have to google it...I still have no clue how to link from my iPad.

The potato is stuffed with a buttery goat cheese orange marmalade spread...I did not have orange marmalade...I would never have orange marmalade...ick...so I used a bit of apricot jam...


Still reading up a storm to finish my Vine books by Thursday...I love the Penny Vincenzi book...lots of characters...each with a great story...very 60's...I think...very Englsh...very much fun...
Do you have any goals this week or are you just trying to stay awake?
I still hate this time change!!!


  1. That looks stupendous! I need the recipe :)

  2. Did you not mean putting each potato SLICE?...instead of each potato between two wooden handles...just trying to picture your "potato surgery" both ways!
    Love the idea with the sweet potatoes...does sound so yummy. Will google it for sure!

  3. This is where you and I part... you do not like marmalade??? Are you kidding me? Is it April Fool's? LOL. I LOVE marmalade.

  4. Yummy! Looks really good...and I'm excited about the new Vincenzi, which I preordered.

    1. It's good...just finished it now...it's very good...

  5. That potato looks so yummy! I'll have to give it a try sometime. I think I'll go with the apricot though, like you did.

  6. These potatoes looks scrumptious! I plan to have my boyfriend make them for me! :) Thanks for explaining the spoon business. I am having a rough time with the time change. I have been exhausted each morning. I love the lightness until 7- but the mornings have been brutal. Hopefully I adjust soon!

  7. Hassleback potato's are also delicious with parmesan and garlic butter :)