Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Triple Play!!! Prepare Yourself...This Is Only Part One!!!

I have been tagged by three people...I have lost three tagged posts...but I am happily doing this again.  The questions were fun.  But...I am not going to tag anyone because I think they have all been tagged about a million times already...isn't there an expression that says what goes around comes around?
But what I am going to do is pose my questions at the bottom of this post and virtually tag if you want to answer you can!!!
I am not posting any can do whatever you want to do...I am giving you the freedom to make your own choices.

My first tag was from Brenda.
She is a writer and an author and an attorney and a mom and she feeds sandwiches and dessert to the homeless almost every Saturday.  She is also a wicked Words With Friends player...she shows no mercy.

Here are her questions...
1.  Wine or beer?
A crisp cold icy martini with olives and rocks on the neither.

2.  Hot or cold?
Cold...I have tons of Uggs and wraps and comfy sweaters and I love to snuggle up in them.

3.  Black or white? is my favorite color...noncolor?  It is my first color choice or noncolor choice for everything...dresses, tights, shoes, boots, sweaters, coats, wraps and tunics.  I love black!!!

4.  Spring or Fall? passion for pumpkins reigns.
5.  AC or windows?
Depends where we are...Colorado or breezy windows...East Coast humid summers...AC definitely!!!

6.  Heater or fire? a woodsy cabin with a stream flowing nearby and loud enough to hear.

7.  Carpet or hard-wood floors?
Hardwood with lovely rugs tossed on top.

8.  Roses or Tulips? blush tea ones and tulips now...everywhere.

9.  Dog or cat?
Cats always...but only soft silky minky coated Tonks like my beloved LG!!!

10. Curtains or shades?
Creamy off white shades from Country Curtains with soft drapes over the's my signature house look for all the homes we have owned.  But I am toying with shutters for the sunroom.  I hate being predictable.

11. Shoes or barefoot? shoes, sandals, flipflops, Uggs...but I love barefootedness in the summer but only in the house.

My questions!!!

Favorite comfort food
Favorite place to visit
Favorite place to walk
Favorite place to read
Favorite place to think things out
Favorite cookie
Favorite ethnic food
Best job ever
Best book you ever read
Best event attended
Most memorable date

Have fun!!!



  1. This was fun! Where I live, you can't get by without air conditioning, so I can't even imagine anyone asking that question.

    1. It was fun...but I have two more to go...all done and what about yours?

  2. Loved reading more about you and I think you played the game of tag so well! :) I live in CT- so AC in the summer is needed- so humid! I love fall, too- such a fabulous time of year! My favorite place to read is in bed or outside- depending on the weather and my mood. :) You are such fun!

    1. Thanks, Jess... Your questions will post on Friday!!!

      Thank are sweet!!!

  3. How creative you are! You made this fun! You are just so cool! I have more homework! *LOL*

    1. Yes you do and make sure you turn it in on

  4. Hi Patty- Great answers! I have never had a martini- but I LOVE olives, so maybe I should give them a try! I love your answer to number 6- the heated cabin with the stream sounds perfect right now! Thanks for sharing your answers- so fun to learn more about you!

    1. Stephanie...thank you...I loved reading yours and Jess's try that very dry martini...minimum 3 olives!!!

  5. great answers... and thanks for playing tag!

  6. Nice to know more about you :) Somehow your answer are pretty much same as mine :)

  7. I will answer here:

    Favorite comfort food: Tacos (weird)

    Favorite place to visit: Any waterfront town.

    Favorite place to walk: By the beach or a tree-lined lane. I have neither of those near me so I walk on the treadmill. Boring!

    Favorite place to read: In my room.

    Favorite place to think things out: On the exercise bike.

    Favorite cookie: When I could eat them... a classic Black and White!

    Favorite ethnic food: Thai, if it's really good or Mexican.

    Best job ever: My first job was a lot of fun. Pizza joint with all of my high school friends.

    Best book you ever read: Can't name one.

    Best event attended: I look at this one a bit differently. I am thinking best "planned" event and it was easily the Stampin' Up Convention I went to when I sold the stuff.

    Most memorable date: Any of the ones that involved the guy cooking FOR me.