Sunday, February 19, 2012

Throwing In The Tagged Towel...

I give up!!!

I have been tagged twice and written tagged posts three times and because I was trying to manage the posts on both my laptop and my iPad2...and because I did not set the dates correctly...they disappeared after I wrote it twice and the other one was a Part Two...and did not make sense without Part 1 so I deleted it.

Yep...all that lovely cleverness...gone!!!

I was the kid who erased and erased if my writing didn't look just right...sigh!!!

I am over tag for a apologies to Brenda and McGuffey Ann...I tried...I should have posted them right away...

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  1. I got tagged too and haven't had a chance to write a post. I'm kind of thinking by the time I do everyone will be over it, so I might not bother.

  2. Sorry to hear about your computer problems, that stinks! We tagged you, but totally understand that you will not be answering the questions. We already know tons of awesome stuff about you from visiting your blog and reading your posts! Have a fabulous day, Patty! : ) ~ Jess & Stephanie

  3. Maybe you should think about doing these things on only one medium...and then you wouldn't get so frustrated :)