Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's A Fact...I Think...

Did you know that
cats and people feel love and emotion in the same part of their brains?
How can this be true?
What does this even mean?

I have always thought that cats have expressive faces...sort of....

They can look sad?

or thoughtful?

or mildly annoyed?


Or just really really embarrassed...

Who knew?

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  1. Very sweet pics - I love cats :) How fascinating - to me they usually only have two looks: contented or peed off - I will now be looking much closer!

    1. Yes, Jane...a study of sweet cat faces is needed.

  2. *smile* I can relate. I swear my dog gives me dirty looks sometimes. And he's really good at pleading expressions.

  3. Very cute pictures. I like the little guy in the hoodie. :)

  4. Love the cat photos, as always. The expressions definitely seem to tell us something about their moods.

  5. I love these pictures. They are so darn cute. I always feel like when I look at my cat, Billy, he knows what I am thinking and I can tell what he is thinking!