Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eleventy Times Three...the Grand Finale!!!

Of course I forgot one part of this tagging eleven things about yourself for each tag!!!
I owe 33 things...and I am delivering...

Set One...

I have to go in and out of the same door.
My husband thinks I have greenish eyes.
I love traditions.
I buy too many books.
I buy too many dishes.
I buy lots of clothes.
I have to buy things in groups of three.
I read only one book at time.
I hate audio.
I love a fork filled with cold twirly pasta.
I can't go to up to bed unless the family room is neat.

Set Two

I prep for dinner as though I am on Top Chef.
I love lounging.
I fear losing things in hotel rooms.
I hate to fly.
I hate leaving Lucy.
I might like martinis but I am an infrequent drinker.
I love lipsticks, stains, tints and glosses.
I put Vaseline on my mom taught me this...only when I am not going keeps them nice.
I love reading while watching tv.
I am obsessed with Dance Moms.

Set Three...

I hate when food touches on a plate...I actually own divided cafeteria plates from Crate and Barrel.
I can only eat a peanut butter sandwich without a sister is this way too...we blame our mom.
I often carry a wet soapy washcloth in a Baggie in my purse...again...I blame my mom.
I hate sweet cereal.
I can only eat granola with Greek yogurt.
I have to put the cream in my coffee cup first or it doesn't taste as good.
I am an awesome arranger but a lousy cleaner.
I still wear a retainer.
I wore braces twice.
I crave fish sandwiches after Ash Wednesday...commercials?
I yearn to play the piano.

The End!!!

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  1. You hate audio? Audiobooks?

    I <3 lipstick too!

    1. Yes...I hate listening to a

      Just got two new ones today...Tart...lip stains...I love them!!!

  2. You are awesome!! I am so very impressed!

  3. I hate audiobooks, too! And, of course, I buy too many books...and usually only read one at a time.

    I have to straighten up the house before going to bed, but sometimes I leave a couple of (rinsed) dishes in the sink...egads!

    What fun this is....

    1. I knew we had a ton of things in common!!!

  4. I bet I have more books and more dishes than you do. It's a disease, I tell ya!

    1. I am actually hoping and praying that you do!!!

      But I just bought some new white pasta dishes weakness!!!

  5. I juat tried listening to an audiobook for the first time yesterday. It didn't work. I was driving and I couldn't concentrate on the book. I gave it to my sister, she loves those things.

  6. Mmmm,now you've got me craving fish!

    I think you'd be a good person to have around a mess of kids with that wash cloth in your purse. Brilliant idea! and so much nicer than crappy chemical laden baby wipes.

  7. What a fun post!...and very revealing :) Vaseline over eye-lashes... I'll try and see how it do for me :)

  8. SO nice to find someone else who shares some of my traits! I love to buy lipsticks, lipgloss, etc. I am always trying new ones! Also- cream must go in the coffee first. Totally makes a difference. I don't like my food to touch either. I do like audio books that are done well (Jim Dale reading Harry Potter is out of this world). Some audio I can't stand.

    I have never heard of Vaseline on eyelashes. But mine need all the help they can get. I just lightly coat them? Does it get in your eyes?

    So fun to learn more about you!

  9. My food cannot touch either!