Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ducks!!! We've Got Them!!!

Why are ducks so cute?

There is a platoon of ducks by our bird feeders...they are slipping and sliding on the snow and then racing to the pond and then back to the feeders again.

I do believe one duck is standing guard over a feeder of cracked corn on the ground.

The rest of the ducks seem to be in a line patiently waiting their turn for a nibble or two.

It is so sweet to watch...

They move really quickly and I can watch it all from the sunroom windows.

It's a bit unusual to see ducks around but the pond isn't they are enjoying every minute.

I am on alert and will refill the feeders soon as the boss duck gives me a signal.

I feel as though I am one with nature...or at least with the ducks.

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  1. We always have ducks and geese around here because of the ponds in our neighborhood.

  2. I remember when I had a duck come over and hang out in my pool.
    You really need to take real pictures and let us see them!

  3. I live not too far from one of our biggest parks...and I haven't gone there since I moved into the neighborhood. There was a duck pond that the kids enjoyed when they were little; we visited the park a lot back then, even though we lived way across town.

    I should take a walk over there one of these nice days. Today it was in the seventies here.

  4. What a fun view! I just noticed a whole bunch of geese hangin gout and playing in a pond yesterday and thought about what a crazy non-winter it has been. I guess it is really great for the ducks and geese. Enjoy the show!

  5. Ahhh, ducks are adorable! Try to get some pics, I'd love to see them :)

  6. I grew duck in the farm in Thailand. Your post make me miss them :)