Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ding! Dong! The Tree Is Gone! And How That Leads To A House Cleansing!!!

There is a huge empty space in our living room...we can walk straight from the family room to the entry way to the front door without getting stuck with pine needles...

It's so freeing!!!

And the funny thing is that although we haven't watered the tree since January 1st...it wasn't dry and it still smelled so Christmassy!!!

The tree removal then led to rearranging the living room. That was fun!!!

I love baskets and have them everywhere. Some were filled with lovely magazines that I didn't think I could part with...
I am so happy to say that yesterday I parted with them...now I even have empty baskets!!!

I still have some that are pillow filled.

And some that are yarn filled. Sorry about the cord...

And some are filled with my treasures...bobbins, wooden hearts, stars and watermelons...am I the only person with a watermelon collection?

The basket with watermelons was my grandmother's laundry basket!!!
Isn't that cool?

Lucy has a sweatshirt basket...which is really her bike basket.

Guilty secret...there is a candy basket...this was my grandma's picnic basket!!!

Today...magazines are gone.

Baskets are ordered.

And the dust is dusted!!!

This house is cleansed!!!

And tomorrow is a new day!!!

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  1. I cannot believe that you JUST took the tree down! I guess it had to be done before Valentine's Day, right? LOL.

  2. Woo hoo! I know that felt good. Our tree MUST be out of the house before the new year starts.

  3. Patty, I have to say that you are indeed the first person I've ever heard of with a watermelon 'collection' :D I am amazed by how many baskets you have! It always feels so good to get the house back in order and do some rearranging.

    1. And those were only the living room baskets...I love them...not sure why...

  4. Want to clean mine? lol

    I do love that feeling of organizing...a few weeks ago, I mentioned my closet cleansing and clearing out bins in the garage.

    I love baskets, too; and they do make perfect receptacles for magazines, which I am finally clearing out gradually. I can't get rid of them all.

    I have a watermelon on my dining room wall, hanging by a wire. I used to have more of them here and there, but again...my downsizing has led to fewer things.

    Congrats on the tree, and your living room looks fabulous! You would probably hate mine, as I have lots of accessories (which my daughter calls clutter!).

    1. Thank you!!!

      One person's accessory is another person's clutter...lol...

  5. Wow, Patty...you're the only person I know that has their Christmas tree up this long, after the first of January! (More than one month)
    It must feel liberating to have the tree removed by now, and free up space in your living room. Very nice organization with baskets.

    I also love them too, but when I start to use more than what I need, they all start to clutter up with other items, so I try not to have more than a couple around!
    Love your pretty Berber carpet:DDD

    My favorite basket which you have there, is Lucy's with her cute little hoodies!

  6. I love to have my tree up and all my holiday decorations. Yey- I love to take it all down again. You described it perfectly- freeing! It feels so clean and fresh when everything is put away. I always feel more settled, too. Looks like you were busy! I can't get over all your baskets- you have styles I have never seen before! ENjoy the clean house!