Sunday, January 29, 2012

Once Upon ATime...

Today is a day with no sports?


We are catching up on Once Upon A Time...actually we haven't watched any of it and we are sitting...kind of the family room...watching one episode after another...but it's really good.

And we feel like doing nothing...nada...not a thing.

I am reading Pure by Julianna Baggott...weird but dystopianly good.

I love staying home on a Sunday...well...that is after breakfast out at Shoo Ma Ma's...don't you love that name? And a fast trip to Target for supplies and an even quicker zip into the grocery store for a few staples including blueberries and bananas and olives...I didn't have a I grabbed...oh...
and three kinds hummus.

How does your Sunday roll?

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  1. I just gave you an award! Check out my blog!
    McGuffy's Reader

  2. Sounds like a great day! I have a ton of work today today- and I went to a local author signing with my co-author earlier. It was a ton of fun. I always enjoy meeting other authors/bloggers. I am looking forward to vegging on the couch. I still haven't gone to the grocery store. Now I want hummus! Happy Sunday!

  3. I love Once Upon a Time. I watch it then call my best friend so we can talk about it. :)

  4. Ha-ha! Lucy looks satisfied with her day....

    Mine was nice...all weekend, I've been hanging out with Fiona, my almost-fifteen year old granddaughter (she and my other granddaughter Aubrey both turn fifteen in February).

    We saw One for the Money yesterday...loved it.

    Today was just hanging out, watching DVDs, etc. Love unscheduled Sundays.

    I have never watched Once Upon a Time, but the ads are intriguing...I just have so many shows to watch already!

  5. Yesterday, was a super fantastic day, here in West Palm Beach. The had the "Race for the cure" run, and walk. The weather report called for rain, but such a blessing that it actually turned out to be a beautiful day. I can't believe that Gabby (my 10yr old) actually signed up for the run, in honor of my younger sister for her breast cancer (survivor for almost 8yrs)

    Today was a gloomy cloudy day, so I spent most of the day indoors with my kitties. Lucy looks pretty satisfied with the warm, fresh laundry. When Prince was younger, he used to love to crawl under the fresh sheets when I was changing them, and would just jump right into the hamper with the fresh clean clothes...something about warm, fresh laundry, that they love!

  6. What kind of food does Shoo Ma Ma's offer?

    1. OMG...ShooMaMa's is so cool...breakfast all day and everything is local from farmers and growers around us...then really good lunchy things...chilis and amazing soups and sandwiches...I just had their salad combo of egg, tuna and chicken on new favorite...everything is sourced and yummy...