Monday, January 30, 2012

I Am Truly A Serious Series Reader...

Just now breathlessly put down...

Loved it but I love everything by this author...flawed characters, English seaside setting, mysterious characters, nervous scattered first time that is a part of the tons of relationship issues...

I need tea now...because that is what these people drink all day long!!!

Real review is on Goodreads and Amazon...thank you NetGalley for this lovely book.

Finished this on Sunday...

I can not begin to tell you what an exquisite reading adventure this was. A father's love for his son...against all odds and in spite of what he sees? This is the stuff movies are made of...or at least Lifetime ones...this one came by way of AmazonVine.

And's time for Patty to choose the next book...should it be one I want to read or one I have to read or one that fits both requirements?

To be announced...

Shhhh, Lucy...don't tell...

My hair is longish but I look like I have a short bob here...hmmmmm...

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  1. The first book looks goood!

    Side note: Love your hair!

  2. I am definitely intrigued by that first book. The setting sounds like the perfect spot for a murder...

  3. My hair looks short in some pics since I have long layers and the shorter pieces always fall to the front.

    I am not doing any reading now so I will leave the book selection up to you. My stupid re-org meeting got postponed again! This 3rd person who is also involved, has called in sick three days in a row. It's making this process drag out even longer because we cannot meet as a group until she returns (if she returns). Last week I left for the doctor and my office mates were screaming at each other. My BP was soooo high at the doc's.

  4. hi

    am thoma; first time here. am here because i noticed you've a lot of reviews on quite a lot of stuff and i like tht. been rummaging to get a good book buddy. but dunno if you're the kind who jus goes on and on blogging without stopping to talk to others. i dunno yet.

    my fave type of reads are Clockwork Orange, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest...

  5. These both sound really good...I love books set in England, with all the tea, sitting rooms, etc. I can almost hear the accents when I read them.

    I have a special fondness, too, for books that can morph into Lifetime movies. Comfort food for the eyes...and soul.

  6. The first book looks and sounds intriguing. Can't wait to read the reviews! I love tea- so this book sounds like it will have me drinking more of it in the future!

  7. I keep hearing Defending Jacog is great! I need to read it soon.

  8. Oh that first book sounds really good :) I'm a fan on mystery :) I love your hair color :)

    1. Thanks, Tes...that first book is utterly good...

      I have a great colorist...he hides grays and adds lights!!!

  9. Love the first book...would for sure look into getting that great mystery! Love the photo of you and Lucy (even if it's a partial shot)