Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcome New Santa!!!

Here is my newest Santa. He is crafted of paper and clay and plaster. He is carrying wooden red skis. 
Doesn't it look as though he has wine bottles in his belt?

I think they are really English crackers. He is the Santa that I would love to leave out all year.
So far Lucy has not noticed him or the fact that his belt is made out of the greenery she wants to devour. Although the other night ( and right in front of us ) she jumped to the top of the television and was reaching for the mantel...the way high up mantel that we thought was unreachable.

Hmmm...if she gets any craftier my Santas will all have to undergo degreening!!!
And oddly enough last night she gave the mantel a slow long look as though she was counting the Santas up there. Then she looked at me...long and hard...

I think she is trying to get back at Santa for the new hoodies she got for Christmas!!!

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  1. That Santa looks very old fashioned. It sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Oh my goodness- that hoody is ridiculously adorable! That new Santa is wonderful- I love the way the materials look together and it is such a unique Santa. I have a little collection too- and my mom has a huge one- but I have never seen one quite like this! Beautiful! Oh- and I agree- it does look like wine! I hope Lucy wasn't counting. :)


  3. Yes..we did...although I am taking my earrings back...

  4. Gorgeous new Santa! Yes, I'd want to leave that one out all year, too.

    Lucy cracks me up!

    She has more hoodies than most children, I

  5. I love vintage - your new Santa is lovely - I can understand your wanting to display him all year :)

    Lucy is adorable in her hoodie!!

  6. Thank you, Jane!!!

    I might leave him out until Valentine's Day!!!

  7. You had a really beautiful Christmas :) and new Santa is so adorable :)

  8. I love the new Santa, and Lucy is just too cute.

  9. they really do look like wine bottles. too cute!! and I love your cat. awww adorable. :)


  10. Lauren!!!

    You really did visit...I am honored!!!