Thursday, December 29, 2011

Taking It All Back!!!

I do not like returning all.

I don't even think I like going to all. 

Every single item that I purchased for my husband just a few days ago was on sale!!!

I think I was refunded more than I  None of his gifts were returned but all of the prices were adjusted. 

Thank you, Nordstrom's.

On the other hand...everything that Santa got for me that was not preselected went back.

This girl does not like surprises.

I know what I like.
That is why I send preselected stuff to my husband for him to choose from. He is supposed to keep them in a Christmas folder and shop from that folder. And only that folder.

Or else...

Every once in a while my husband will toss something that I did not screen into the mix...usually with disastrous results.
So the first three gifts that I opened up were...hmmm..sort of not met with exuberance?

He knows how much I love UGGS...he failed to remember that I only like them on my feet.

Thus the UGGS weird scarf thing and constricting mittens went back.

Sorry, dude.

As did the...cough...cough...aviator Rayban sunglasses.

I have never worn aviator anything in my entire life.

And my earrings went back, too...but that is both of our faults but he should have known better. So I blame him more.

Of course this leads to random moments... how well he knows me and makes his life unpleasant for a few days.

Seriously...what do you see in me that says aviator?

Hard and fast rule for a happy holiday?

Stick to the list!!!

Did you get any surprising gifts from Santa?


  1. OMG. Can you say "Princess"? Or more like "Queen"? Actually it makes a lot of sense and does ensure you get things that you'll truly like, but it has such a "let them eat cake or die" sensibility. Whew! I'm scared of you!

  2. Not really...I don't like to waste time returning works for us...

  3. My husband has a gift giving disability. I've tried making gift registries and he still comes home with the wrong things. I will be returning one thing but that's because I got 2 of them - 1 from my hubby and 1 from my sister.

  4. Kathy...I like that giving disability...we still adore them...just forgive them for this

  5. I hate to return items (or even shop at all). I do return things that I receive that I don't like simply because I feel that money is wasted if I don't. I will return each and every item that isn't me or that I will not use. I can totally relate to your folder idea- I think it is very smart! I am in no way a princess or anything- but I am particular about textures, colors, and styles of things! I hope you were able to return or exchange for things you do like. Also- nice that Nordstroms was willing to give you the money back for sale items- yeah! I always hate when I see things I purchased on sale after the holidays!


  6. Oh- and I am okay with anyone returning anything I get them- I actually prefer them to return anything they don't really like. Otherwise- I wasted my money! :)


  7. these conversations! Everyone in my family knows that I prefer gift cards....books or movies or restaurants.

    But last year, my daughter surprised me with a Kindle, and even though it wouldn't have been on my list...I'm loving it!

  8. Jess...Nordstrom's is great that way...the sales person told me to call after the holidays because he knew what I bought was going to be on sale...and I am so tired of shopping...I don't even want anything now....imwillmget wait for more

    I am not a princess either...I am just very prescise.

  9. Laurel...

    Books and kindles and gift cards...who could want for more?

  10. Patty-you remind me of Gabby, my granddaughter with her list, but she is only 10yrs old, and she insists on everyone sticking to her list, or the gifts has to be exchanged. As for me, my family and the few friends that give me gifts know exactly what I list needed. You may ask why, and how do they know? I talk about things I need all year round, and they don't forget...ha, ha!

  11. I had no idea UGG's even had a line of scarves and mitts. I love that you blame him more, lol! My husband is pretty good at picking out gifts I love, but it wasn't always like that, he's really improved over the years - but we generally pre-select as well.