Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Complexion Candy...It's What's Good For You!!!

I have a favorite cookbook. Lisa Fain is the author/blogger who wrote this book.

I was reading her blog a few days ago when she posted about these little gems

Lisa calls these Complexion Candy. They are an old Texas confection. If you loved Figgy Newtons when you were little these are definitely for you!!! They are made from dates and figs and can change out ingredients and add more or less of something and they just taste even yummier!!! They also remind me of the date bars that my mom would buy for me at the bakery near us. Moist and sweet and rolled in coconut. You make them solely in a food fave kitchen tool. Here is the link to the recipe on Lisa's blog. The next time I make them I think I will add more dates and less figs...just to see what they will taste like. We have been reaching for these when we wanted something sweet. We even had them for dessert with a teeny wedge of Stilton cheese...quite yummy. It was the dessert we had after cooking our $92.00 organic turkey...more about that

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  1. Ooh, yummy! This looks delicious! Rolled in coconut...totally awesome. I'm all for that!


  2. These sound divine!! I really hope they're good for my complexion... as I seriously doubt they'll do much for my hips... lol!!

  3. My indie bookseller gave me that cookbook but I haven't had a chance to look through it yet. You've made me really excited about it.

  4. are funny...everything in

  5. These do look figs, dates, and nuts!
    What's with spending $92. on organic turkey?...yikes! How big was the turkey?