Sunday, November 27, 2011

We Are Home!!!

It takes about six and a half hours to drive from our house to my sister's house.
Not that far but far enough.
We left at fourish in the morning today.
We were in our house showered and unpacked and totally exhausted by elevenish.
Lucy and I slept the entire way back.
Holidays are exhausting.
Fun but exhausting.
We have so far managed to do nothing but flop on the sofas.
And nap some more.
Holidays are truly exhausting.
Did I say that already?
I don't know why I always think I can read tons of books on a trip.
I did not read tons of books on this trip.
We have no food, no energy and no dinner plans.
I wish I could think far enough ahead to actually plan for returning from a trip.
I should have tucked something away for dinner.
But I did not think past a car snack.
One of us will have to go fetch something.
All we have munched on all day are itty bitty Japanese crackers.
My sister Paula single handedly made 5 pies, a huge Thanksgiving dinner, watched her daughter's three tiny children at the drop of a hat, and cheered for all college football...
especially Ohio State. her spare time she hosted a huge party for the Ohio State Michigan game on Saturday, had her son's new puppy...Winnie around her house for Thanksgiving and her daughter's dog, Izzie, resting after hip surgery.  Carried around an 8 month old because he only wanted her...and in her spare time we took walks with Lucy and she taught me how to knit an eternity scarf.
I bow my head in shame and in awe of what she does.
And...she is packing today for a week in New York!!!
I am so unworthy.
She will pack in a ton of fun with her husband...shows, dinners, jazz clubs and more.
And come home ready to babysit some more.
Again...I am so unworthy.
I hope everyone had a wondrous holiday.
I love going home for Thanksgiving.


  1. You aren't unworthy! We all have our strengths and weaknesses. I used to be able to multi-task like your sister, but the older I get, the harder it becomes to do.

  2. really must stop saying you are "unworthy," since you know that you would do all those things if you had to...I think we find the time and energy to do what we must.

    Isn't it great that we don't have to do all those things?

    Six and a half hours is a long drive! I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

  3. Whew! I can tell you are definitely sisters. Neither one of you can stay still! I have to go lie down after reading this

  4. Thanks!!!
    You are both right , Kathy and Laurel...and are too funny!!!

  5. Some people seem super human but most of that takes years of practice. There is a parent at school who calls me her "stepford" mom. She said it to me again on FB the other day when I posted my menu. I may look put together but if she had any idea what is going on inside my head she'd think twice. LOL.