Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Slow Motion Reading...

I love this book...truly I do...but I feel as though I have been reading it forever.
I think perhaps because I started it at Thanksgiving and thought that I would finish it in a day.  Then when I didn't even open it up at my sister's...I thought I would read it for 6 hours on the way home.
But then I slept all the way home.
So now I am still reading it.
And in the meantime so many other books have poured into my Kindle and my mailbox.
I love love love winter reading.
Take today.
It was raining all day long.
I baked chewy oatmeal cookies.
I read my book all day long.
And I am still only 65% finished...according to Kindle.
Something must be wrong with my Kindle fuel gauge.
I am finishing it tonight no matter what.
After Glee.
I am finishing it tonight...
I am...really I am...unless...


  1. Sometimes I feel frustrated by the percentage way of gauging the progress on Kindle. And yet, in the end, I think I often read them faster on the device.

    I hope you finish it, too! Although I haven't read this one, I've seen it around the 'sphere.

  2. I've heard that whole series is awesome.

    We had a rainy yucky day, but between errands and chores, I've had very little time to read. Tomorrow is another day!

  3. It is really good...and sort of in between YA and grownup...and in the South...you might like this series, Kathy.

  4. Sounds like a great book! This has been a busy past week with Thanksgiving and everything. I have been reading the same book, too. My plan is to finish it tonight- because I am enjoying it and I have TONS of other books to read. Good luck!