Saturday, September 24, 2011

On The Way Home

We had to change rooms for our last night here...which was was our fault...we changed our dates...our little gem of a hotel is no longer undiscovered.
It will not close for the winter and if we don't reserve soon...we may not get what we want next year. That will be sad.

It is, simply put, 11 rooms of sheer pleasure. Lovely huge beds, the most amazing bathrooms with huge jetted tubs and showers with about ten sprayers. Big white floofy towels...
Yes floofy...
Keurig coffee machines in every room with a delightful coffee/tea/cocoa selection.
There is a refrigerator and a microwave hidden discreetly behind a beautiful white
door. Wireless of course. Very reader/blogger friendly.
Lots of closets and lots of drawers...a leather chair and ottoman and sofa in the other room.
Two huge flat screens...heaven for this tv addict.
Oh...our first room had a double sided fireplace...gas...and this room has a corner one. Lucy has learned that with a touch we can turn on sits by the fireplace and cries for us to make fire magic.

Oh... and Lucy is with us. In her stroller she takes power walks with Dennis daily...our room is at the top of a lovely staircase...our car, which has not been moved except for one time, parked steps away. We carry her downstairs, pop her into her stroller and off we go.

People point but we don't care...we are stopped...people want to see her...a little wheelchair bound elderly lady wanted to hold her and Lucy gracefully obliged...even giving her a sweet little kiss. We ate lunch at an outdoor restaurant with Lucy and her stroller tucked neatly next to us.

She has become the self appointed mascot of The Grand Harbor Inn in Camden, Maine...some Australian guests begged us to let her spend the night with them...I actually think she would have loved it.

So the picture today is what I see from my new is the quintessential Maine photo...a bit of fog and a steeple in the background...the fog will clear and the ships will sail soon.

Camden is a working harbor...there is a tiny yellow house a few feet away that is actually the "Harbor Master's" house...he is the king of the harbor.

Dinners here have been nothing but wonderful...local veggies, the freshest of seafoods, every item local and sourced. Paolino's Way, Fresh, Atlantica and last night's favorite Bistro Francine...all a short lovely walk away.

We leave for home today...but it is never sad...we always return...we have done this for of these days we will spend a month here...just to see what it feels like...

But I sort of already know what it will feel like...

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  1. Oh, this sounds so awesome! I would want to return to a place like that every year....sigh.

  2. It is kind of like Carmel...years ago...only nothing changes in Maine...that is what we love about it!!!

  3. Wow, Patty-The way you describe everything, I can see it in front of me like on a movie vivid, every little detail about this amazing place, and Lucy the "attention getter"...LOL
    She deserves all the notice and stares she gets, because there's not other kitty like her who rides in a stroller. She is such a little star:DDD

  4. Thank you, Elisabeth...we are home today and Little Miss Lucy is exhausted...she is a limp unmoving noodle in the middle of our bed!!!

  5. I want to visit that Inn! It sounds like heaven on earth!

  6. Oh, I'm so glad you posted the name of the hotel - I was going to ask "where is this little slice of heaven?"

  7. It is in Camden, Maine. Did I mention the tray of fresh fruit, yogurt and house made granola...and muffins...brought to you room every morning? have to go there and get room 5...

  8. Sounds like pure heaven. I always tell Sandy from (You've Gotta Read This!) that I want to be a stowaway in her luggage but your car would do just fine, too. Lucy won't mind.

  9. Lucy would love it...she transfers affections easily...