Thursday, August 4, 2011

I've Reached A Landmark And I Am Proud Of It...

Thank you, Brenda Youngerman, author and blogger and friend!!!
I am not good at following directions but I am going to do my best!!!
Brenda is a new blogger friend and she and I are reading each other's blogs and commenting on them.  Her blog is beautiful...I have not read her books yet but I just Kindled Disrupted Lives and I will read it soon.
I think I won this award because no one reads my blog and I get very little am sorry...but it is funny to me...and I am just teasing.  People who know me know that I am not a serious sort of person.  I won this because less than 200 people follow me right now...but I am actually thrilled that I have that many and so far no one is jumping ship.
They most likely just forgot they are following but that is ok with me!!!
I am not sure what a Liebster is but it sounds important...doesn't it?  Actually I looked it up and it is German for that is a good thing!!!

Technically I am supposed to list five blogs that I follow that have under 200 followers...
Here comes the part where I prove I am not a good direction follower.
Kathy have to forgive me. 
All of the blogs that I follow have about a million followers.
Even if they started off with just a few they have sky rocketing numbers right now.
I am just happy that I found blogging.
I love doing it.
It makes me happy.
I have learned a lot of things about me...Patty...while writing.
I have met some amazing people.
I have been able to chat with authors.
I have become addicted to Goodreads.
I have lots and lots and lots of books.
I am going to go to BEA someday.
The very first blog I ever read and loved does not exist any more.  It changed me forever.
That would be you...J.K.
And...Ti and BermudaOnion and June...thank you for being friends to me and always helping me with my million blogger questions.  I am a huge fan of each of your blogs.  They are all different and special.
I had no clue where this post was headed but I kind of like where it went.


  1. Congrats on the award!!! And thanks for stopping by! You have a new follower, so hopefully you'll be past 200 very soon!

  2. I'm happy you found blogging too! I don't follow you on Google Friend thing, but I do subscribe to your blog in Google Reader.

  3. Thanks so much for the kudo, though I noted you listed me third...*cough cough*....

  4. This is purrrrrrfect as all my cat loving blog hopper friends would say! Congratulations on your new award and good luck getting over 200!

  5. I love the last line you posted "I had no clue where this post was headed but I kind of like where it went."

    I love coming here to visit with you. I often feel as if you are right beside me and that says an awful lot about how personable and friendly you are.

    This is from Ti and I accidentally deleted it but I wanted it here...