Friday, March 4, 2011

What I Read And Why I Read It...

  I am trying to vary my book choices and break away for a bit from my fascination with YA Fantasy but it is really difficult. 
I was looking at the archived books on my Kindle and most of them are women's fiction or great mysteries.  I love English mysteries...Deborah Crombie is one of my favorite authors.  I always have read lots of books about family dysfunction.  I love light fiction...Jane Green, Sophie Kinsella, emily giffin.  My friends and family laugh at the sheer number of YA Fantasy that I read and now own.  My sister had to coax me into reading Harry Potter and Stephanie Meyer...I did not want to read The Hunger Games at all.  Now...I need werewolves and shapeshifters and my beloved vampires.  And after reading A Discovery Of Witches I even have a fondness for daemons...but they were really likeable in that book.  I have not yet developed a fascination with faeries and goblins and I am kind of thankful for that.  Anything fae sort of creeps me out...

For some reason I began reading fantasy when my dad became ill.  It was the only thing I could read while waiting for good news or bad news about him.  He died not long after he became ill and I have not stopped reading fascinates and soothes in a weird way.  I didn't opt for therapy or meds or groups...I just loaded up my Kindle and I am still doing it.

In an attempt to break away from fantasy for at least a book or two...I read this book.

It was intense, provocative, disturbing and very sad.  It was very very good.  It was about bullying and what it can do to everyone involved.  I found the author to be mesmerizing and masterful.  I found the story to be sad and honest.  The characters were deeply flawed and very interesting.
It was an excellent book.

But if you look at my sidebar...I am back to my old haunts again!!!

What is your favorite genre and do you ever ask yourself why?


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and thanks for the great book rec! This looks like a great change of pace!

    Have a great weekend!
    Kristin@ My Bookish Ways

  2. Wow, that sounds like a book everyone should read!

  3. I'm currently going through a crime genre phase... Pretty much all of the books I'm planning to read over the next month are crime fiction!

    However, I do like to read all kinds of books... YA, urban fantasy included too.

  4. Nikki-ann...I have the same taste you do in books...I still love crime novels...especially English ones.