Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Power Foods...My New Cookbook...

I know I have far too many cookbooks and cooking magazines.  My sister loves food magazines, too, but she is capable of tearing out the recipes she wants and tossing out the rest.  I ache to do that but I cannot.  I admire her for this quality.  I quiz her about it.  How can she not want the amazing photos and what if she needs something else in the magazine...but she remains firm and ruthless.  I wish I could be this way.  Maybe some day I will be strong like my sister. 

Tonight's dinner comes from my new cookbook.  There is a lovely Salad Nicoise chilling in the refrigerator.  I spent much of the morning cooking fresh tiny green beans and farm fresh hard boiled eggs.  I made a dressing from scratch and tiny fingerling potatoes are ready for roasting. 
It was fun and it is healthy and fresh and organic. 
And I am all done...that is the best part.  The kitchen is in order and I am relaxing with my laptop and my Kindle.

What are you making or doing for dinner tonight?
Plus...technically...doesn't a salad for dinner mean you can have ice cream for dessert?
Hurray for ice cream!!!


  1. Ice Cream is an absolute must if you have salad for dinner.

    We are making pizzas tonight. I picked up the dough from Trader Joes and plan to top them with sundried tomato pesto, ricotta, mozzarella and sauteed button mushrooms and maybe some garlic.

  2. I love Trader Joe's pizza crust...even their whole wheat one is good.