Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Love Lunch...I Love Being A Lady Who Lunches!!!

For as long as I can remember I have loved going out to lunch.  All the time that I was teaching second grade,  I yearned to be free to go to lunch.  I love lunching out.  It is such a fun and relaxed time.  Most people are not out to lunch...especially in the middle of the week.  I go out to lunch with my family, my husband and various friends.  But one of my favorite lunch outings is with my friend Jane.  We try to go to somewhere new whenever we can.  We don't put any pressure on us.  If it works out fine but if something comes up for either of us we just reschedule.  We talk about anything and everything...books, kids, really doesn't matter. 
Today was a "lunch with Jane" day...we went to a bistro nearby and lunched...  We lunched and munched and chatted a bunch!!!  I first met Jane when we moved into our neighborhood over fifteen years ago.  We were both much younger then.  We weren't looking for the fountain of youth from Philosophy, La Mer and Murad skin care.  Our memories were much better. I say this because we spent most of lunch trying to think of the name of a restaurant in town and neither one of us could come up with it.   I don't think either one of us had a gray hair then...cough cough we have just a few!!!  But they are discreetly hidden, colored and highlighted.
It was a wonderful day. 

Do you like lunching with friends?  Do you have a favorite lunch spot?


  1. Yes, I do love to lunch. One friend and I love to lunch and then see a movie. We have Book Your Lunch here - lunch at a great restaurant with an author.

  2. I would love to have someone to go out to lunch with! Lunch is a great time to go because a lot of times you can get the same stuff that is on the menu for dinner but for less money. It is nice to have a relaxed meal too and not feel so rushed.

  3. I love to lunch!

    Here at the university, some of us belong to the University Club. Every friday they have an international buffet, focusing on one country each week. It's all fancy schmancy with linen tableclothes and candles but it's sooooo yummy.

    A group of us go practically every friday and it's lovely. We talk about work (some) but we have fun sharing our weekend plans. Then when we are done, the chef gives us bread to feed the ducks (which reside in a lovely pond right outside).

    I don't get to lunch with friends too often outside of work. I always feel guilty about spending time away from the kids.

  4. Great post Patty! I loved reading about your funny, and true self analysis, ie: the gray hair...LOL. "I hear you!"

    I love lunches too. Most of the time, we go to a wonderful place called City Place, which I have posted about a few times on my blog. It's located in West Palm Beach FL. You can totally get lost in this open shopping mall, that is sorrounded by the best restaurants, and can spend an entire day, just shopping, browsing and enjoying lunch at several of the restaurants of your choice.

    Our last stop, always ends at Barnes and Nobles Bookstore!

  5. Thank you lovely ladies for your lovely comments...I loved all of your lunch time stories...for me it is quite the opposite of sitting in my classroom eating yogurt grading papers...Ti...I would kill to feed those ducks and Elisabeth...I need to see that's to lunch!!!

  6. What a nice way to spend a lunch.

    I go out to lunch once a week with my mom. It's the only time it's just her and me. Usually when we get together my daughter and husband are with us too.