Sunday, February 27, 2011

Simple Pleasures...

I love Sunday's...all of them.  No pressure to do much of anything except make a yummy breakfast and collapse in the family room with the New York Times...I read it once a week and always on Sunday.  My husband will go to the ends of the earth to get it for me.  He is my hero.  If we are away or traveling or anywhere...he will find me the Sunday New York Times.  I love everything about it...the Style section, Arts and Leisure and the Book Review.
I love to read it in a certain order always saving the Magazine, the Book Review and the Style section for last.  We have the same routine every Sunday.  The only variable is what I make us for breakfast.  Sometimes yummy pancakes, sometimes a huge frittata and every once in a while apple cider and chocolate covered doughnuts from Northbrook Orchards.  Double yum...maybe next Sunday...

We love to go upstairs early on Sunday night.  When I was still teaching it was the height of the awful Sunday night blues.  Now I just sympathize with my husband and tell him to suck it up...we go up early and read and play games on our Nintendos and watch tv and life is good.

I just love it when life is good.

Do you have a special Sunday routine?


  1. No special routine here, but yours sounds like fun.

  2. Sounds nice and relaxing. We always go to church in the morning and then out to lunch with my mom. The afternoon is my nap time, left-overs for dinner and right now Amazing Race and popcorn in the evening. It's a nice day.

  3. We love Amazing Race but last night we opted for the boring Oscar's...we will watch AR later in the week...

  4. No special Sunday routine here, usually just a lazy day. However, when the F1 season starts you'll find me in front of the TV (often shouting at the TV and jumping up & down!).

  5. Usually I will make a special breakfast or special dinner but usually not both :) I always start the day off with a strong cup of coffee, sweet with fat-free half and half and then I check out the Sunday paper. This all happens very early because The Girl still wakes me at the crack of dawn. Seriously.

    Ugh..the Oscars were so boring last night. Franco? Zzzzzzz.

  6. I know...they were just difficult to watch and why do they feel compelled to thank everyone in the world...OMG...and watching Kirk sweet as he probably is...was just awkward and uncomfortable.