Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just One More Thing!!!

Have fun tonight whether you are out on the town or cozy at home...or both!!!

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Friday, December 30, 2011

Our Staycation!!!

These past two weeks at home have been wondrous. No real pressure to do anything is kind of cool. We have been going out to lunch and reading and playing Scrabble and Words With Friends. Lucy and Dennis are content to nap while I read... Lucy will take advantage of a warm body if any cuddling is involved. Note above photo!!! Does anyone else do this? We love quilts and throws all over us when we are in the family room...the pain is that I have to fold them all neatly before we go upstairs. I am almost finished with The Starboard Sea...I would love to read one more book before 2012... Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Taking It All Back!!!

I do not like returning all.

I don't even think I like going to all. 

Every single item that I purchased for my husband just a few days ago was on sale!!!

I think I was refunded more than I  None of his gifts were returned but all of the prices were adjusted. 

Thank you, Nordstrom's.

On the other hand...everything that Santa got for me that was not preselected went back.

This girl does not like surprises.

I know what I like.
That is why I send preselected stuff to my husband for him to choose from. He is supposed to keep them in a Christmas folder and shop from that folder. And only that folder.

Or else...

Every once in a while my husband will toss something that I did not screen into the mix...usually with disastrous results.
So the first three gifts that I opened up were...hmmm..sort of not met with exuberance?

He knows how much I love UGGS...he failed to remember that I only like them on my feet.

Thus the UGGS weird scarf thing and constricting mittens went back.

Sorry, dude.

As did the...cough...cough...aviator Rayban sunglasses.

I have never worn aviator anything in my entire life.

And my earrings went back, too...but that is both of our faults but he should have known better. So I blame him more.

Of course this leads to random moments... how well he knows me and makes his life unpleasant for a few days.

Seriously...what do you see in me that says aviator?

Hard and fast rule for a happy holiday?

Stick to the list!!!

Did you get any surprising gifts from Santa?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Complexion Candy...It's What's Good For You!!!

I have a favorite cookbook. Lisa Fain is the author/blogger who wrote this book.

I was reading her blog a few days ago when she posted about these little gems

Lisa calls these Complexion Candy. They are an old Texas confection. If you loved Figgy Newtons when you were little these are definitely for you!!! They are made from dates and figs and can change out ingredients and add more or less of something and they just taste even yummier!!! They also remind me of the date bars that my mom would buy for me at the bakery near us. Moist and sweet and rolled in coconut. You make them solely in a food fave kitchen tool. Here is the link to the recipe on Lisa's blog. The next time I make them I think I will add more dates and less figs...just to see what they will taste like. We have been reaching for these when we wanted something sweet. We even had them for dessert with a teeny wedge of Stilton cheese...quite yummy. It was the dessert we had after cooking our $92.00 organic turkey...more about that

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rain...Almost Snow? Not Really...

It is a dreary rainy drizzly wet day...we do not want to leave the house... and so we won't...
I am still reading Starboard Sea...and it is really just so good.
A bit of a mystery, a lot of old money, sailing, bullies, a different era.
Boys...girls...boarding school...Maine.
Tons of dysfunction... I have been reading it slowly...with far too many interruptions.
It's delicious. 
Even a bit of homophobia...I guess at boarding school boys might like boys?

We wanted to catch up on movies and we have but our choices have been weird and all over the place...
Cowboys VS Aliens...
Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes...
Now we are deciding if we are in the mood for The Help or Pirates...
but we are watching Ellen instead.
I think Dennis is hooked on Kathy Lee and Hoda!!!
I am feeling guilty about not reading the way I always do.
I am a fast reader.
I tend to devour books.
I have read 163 books this year.
I have never in my life known the actual number of books I have read in any given year.
Thanks Goodreads.
I am not sure if this is a good or bad number.
I am not even sure why I kept track.
I kept besting myself.
I wanted to beat me.
I think I did.
I don't know what I will do if Goodreads doesn't do this again for 2012.
Just read aimlessly?
I don't think I can any more.

Please tell me that you had a lazy guilt free day today, too?

Random mumblings on a rainy day...
A kitty pickle?
Lime slice?
Why are my eyes different colors?
I spent an hour googling eye diseases until my husband told me it was the camera light!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Welcome New Santa!!!

Here is my newest Santa. He is crafted of paper and clay and plaster. He is carrying wooden red skis. 
Doesn't it look as though he has wine bottles in his belt?

I think they are really English crackers. He is the Santa that I would love to leave out all year.
So far Lucy has not noticed him or the fact that his belt is made out of the greenery she wants to devour. Although the other night ( and right in front of us ) she jumped to the top of the television and was reaching for the mantel...the way high up mantel that we thought was unreachable.

Hmmm...if she gets any craftier my Santas will all have to undergo degreening!!!
And oddly enough last night she gave the mantel a slow long look as though she was counting the Santas up there. Then she looked at me...long and hard...

I think she is trying to get back at Santa for the new hoodies she got for Christmas!!!

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

We are savoring one more cup of coffee before we open gifts.
I hope everyone is having a lovely day!!!

We are planning nothing after that...other than watching a movie at home.
Games, a nap...a little bit of reading...dinner...still hoping for snow...sigh...
Happy Holidays!!!

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Saturday, December 24, 2011

I Love This Day!!!

This lovely Christmas Eve really sort of relaxing...
We are home all day until we go to church later...and dinner after that...
Chef Gary and The Orchard is our relaxation spot tonight. It will be beautifully decorated for the holidays and wonderfully quiet...almost a zen like experience.

While the Denver Broncos play I will make the cookies I did not get to yesterday...hopefully I won't be too distracted!!!

I am loving every word of The Starboard has that sort of addictive dysfunction vibe meandering through it.
Seriously yummy!!!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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Friday, December 23, 2011

I Want To Stay Home All Day!!!

I do not want to leave our house today.
I want to wrap everything. I have lots to wrap...

I want to bake two loaves of Farmhouse Bread... loaf...the other part will be cinnamon rolls.

We have gifts to deliver but my sidekick will do that...while I bake cookies.
I always make cookies the day before so that they are fresh for Santa...
and us.
These cookies are from a blog called Bakerella.
She calls them Gingerbread Heads.  If you click above it will take you to her site and the recipe.

Yummy homemade pasta...
it might actually be cold enough for a fire tonight.

Tomorrow we will go to Lancaster Central Market for stuff!!!
Not sure what stuff...veggies and cheeses and breads.
It is an amazing place!!!

How are you spending your day?

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's Beginning To Look And Sound And Even Taste Like Christmas!!!

Well...I have to take that back...people were wearing a mix of everything, shorts, sandals?
I saw a woman wearing a winter coat with flip flops!!!
It was a warm weather day for Christmas shopping!!!

We finished most of our shopping and had a wonderful lunch at an amazing place called The Whip!!!
It is in the heart of horse an old redone barn with amazing beers and fresh organic foods.
The incredible thing, too, is that it is perhaps 15 minutes from our house and we never knew about it.
I had an amazing beer in a wine glass. Quite delicious. We had house smoked fish on little baby potato pancakes...OMG.
Then the vegetarian in me had a huge hamburger with sautéed onions and crumbled Stilton cheese.
I had a really difficult time choosing between that and the house made veggie burger...which lost out...I am weak...very weak.

Yesterday was just a teeny bit sad.
But the sadness is gone today. I still miss my dad and mom so much.
Christmas reminds me of dad buying and my mom wrapping and baking and mildly complaining.

It's like Christmas!!!
Oh is Christmas!!!

I received The Starboard Sea from ShelfAwareness and NetGalley.
I have desired this book from the moment I read about it.
Boarding school, boys in troubles, teachers, kind of book.

I am reading this now!!! Right now...I can not wait.

NetGalley is responsible for so much book goodness this week.
Thank you Santa NetGalley!!!

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Have a lovely Thursday!!!
Are you all on top of things and feeling good?

Location:Somewhere near the North Pole...or else Pennsylvania

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm Wrapping As Fast As I Can!!!

Ho...ho...ho...I knew this would happen...
Just because it always does...
I never learn.

On Monday the entire week seemed and felt endless.
The days were long.
There was plenty of time to play, wrap, watch movies...have fun!!!

Now it's Wednesday.
I am not finished with anything.
I am still waiting for stuff to come so that I can wrap it.
I have not yet sent out any Christmas cards.
There are four stacks of neatly folded laundry in the midst of my family room floor.
We are so busy running out to dinner and watching movies that neither one of us feels like carrying it upstairs.

My fun has changed from guilt free to full of guilt.
Sort of... and nails.
Then Target for Target stuff.
Then "Little Italy" for a bowl of pasta.
After pasta we drive around to look at the Christmas lights.
It's what we do...

Tomorrow we go to the "big mall"... it is far away and it has the closest Nordstrom's in it...we do this every year for last minute gifts.

We go as early as it opens...we zip through...we zip out and chill out at lunch somewhere.


How are you feeling on this Wednesday...exactly three days before Christmas?

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Monday, December 19, 2011


I blogged about Prom Night so much that I wanted to share one of my favorite photos from that festive evening.

Den dressed and waiting for his car. 

Lucy very curious about
all of the picture taking activities.

A lovely time was had by all who attended.

Again...that would not be me...
or Lucy.

on her own without any coaching from us...
she sipped out of the martini glass.
It was only water.

Here He Comes To Save The Day...

I have been waiting since last Christmas for this wondrous gift that I am about to be given.
My husband is a closet cleaner.
He loves to clean.
He is going to brush away my surface cleaning and get to the the matter.
He is out buying cleaning supplies right now.
He will mumble and grumble and shake his head.
But when he is all finished this house...Hallelujah...will be cleaned.
It will glisten and shine and sparkle.
I can't wait.
I did mention that it will sparkle and shine and glisten, right?
There is even a best part to what we are doing today.
Well...I say "we" sort of loosely.
He hates when I get in the way.
He likes to clean on his own...without my help.
I just have to say that again...without my help.
I interfer.
I distract.
I bother him.
I have perfected this art of bothering him over the years.
It is a masterful plan...if I do say so myself.

And now...just one more thing.
I am making him The Pioneer Woman's Tortilla Soup for dinner.
It is his reward for all of his work today.

Whatever you are doing today...have a wonderful fun filled happy day...
even if you are reading while you watch your husband clean...
Thank you, Santa!!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

What About Books?

It has come to my attention that I have not been chatting about books!!!
I am reading reading reading and writing reviews but not really doing that much talking about them here.
What is up with that?
Here is the answer.
I think it is because of the holidays.
There is a lot of stuff going on here.
I have an event planned for every day.
We are on the move at this house.
We are going to do something festive everyday.
or else!!!
I have even made a list of festive things to do before Christmas as well as a list of even more festive things to do after Christmas.
This little two person one cat two zebra finch family has traditions!!!
And we stick to them or else.
When we are not ho ho ho ing we are most definitely fa la la ing.
Yes we are.
I am the person who put a wreath on the front of my SUV.
Until my husband cried and begged me not to.
Now I just put a festive stuffed moose in the drink holder.
Take that, Scroogie husband!!!
And my itty bitty kitty LucyGrace has no less than two Christmas hoodies plus various Santa hats, reindeer horns and fluffy red ruffled collars.
Even Jake and Jack...the amazing rescued zebra finches...get presents under the tree and a huge red bow on their cage.
That is what I mean by traditions!!!
Books...yes...this was supposed to be about's the holidays...if a book gets read or not who really cares...
Santa Claus is coming to town!!!
I bet you are not as into books right now either!!!

The Day After... is the day after Prom...
Prom boy had a wonderful time.
Private tour of Winterthur.
Elegant dinner.
Limo there and back.
Lovely yummy cocktails
Soft music
He looked very Cary Grantish in his tux or Edwardy...
depending on my mood.
A lovely time was had by all.
But me
I had a combo cereal bowl for dinner.
Special K
A banana
Entertainment for me for the evening?
Did you know that there is nothing on television on Thursday nights?
I played BigFish Hidden Object games.
I played Words With Friends with strangers.
I bugged Lucy.
I lurked on blogs.
I finally fell asleep.
My fairy godmother was a no show.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Loving My Lists...

Have I ever mentioned that I have a small tendency to be obsessive?
I haven't?
The danger of having tons of techie toys around is that I am compulsively making lists for everything.
Espeically on Notes on my iPAD...
I love Notes...they are yellow and look like a legal pad which is my favorite kind of thing to make lists on. 


Here is my December list tally so far...

Things to buy in general
Reservations made...I got carried away with Groupon and bad.
Book reviews due
Books to read soon
Den's Christmas List
Lucy's Christmas List
Things I need to do this week
Things I need to do next week
Possible outfits for dinners for all of the reservations I made
Things that should be cleaned this year
Things Den and I should discuss to keep me happy

And that is just the beginning.
I do love to make a good list.
I love to check things off of my list.
The problem is I am not checking off enough.
It is rainy/dreary/yucky today.
I just want to cuddle up on the sofa and look at our bare tree.
Den is going to prom tonight.
I am not going.
It's actually business but he has to wear a tux.
Partners/spouses/special people are not invited.
I feel like Cinderella.
Except that no one will be making me a carriage out of a pumpkin.
Even though I saved two out in the garden for just such an occasion.
I will not have glass slippers but...
I will be wearing UGGS when his limo picks him up.
I will take pictures and wave good bye and hope that he has a lovely time.
I think.

Tell me not to add one more thing to my list.

Lucy is even weary of my lists...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree...


Oh how I love Christmas...
I love it.
I love Christmas trees.
I love Santas.
I love snowmen.
I love to collect them.
This is my tree collection.
Some of my trees are made out of chenille...they have rusty bells and stars on them.
I always scattered these trees all around the house but this year I put all of my trees together on my pie safe.
I kind of love it this way.
Yesterday we drove to Glen Willow Farms and bought a beautiful wreath...huge and filled with greenery and magnolia leaves and berries and pinecones for the front door.
And another for in between the garage doors.
And the red antique sled gets a bower of greens and its own bow and stands in between the garage doors.
And some more greens on the green iron bench by the front door.  And a sparkly reindeer which I thought was a bear for two years sits on the bench.
And sparkles away.
And more greens and bows for the mailbox.
And tomorrow the tree!!!

 And don't you just have a spot in your book reader's heart for lovely Christmas books?
The Polar Express and Bad Kitty Christmas and Dream Snow...
You press a button and you hear snow... tinkling...I love it.
 I put them out all over the house and read and reread them every year.  They are kid ones so that it is easy to do. And David Baldacci's The Christmas Train...I love that book.

Happy Monday!!!

So Sweet And Yet So...

She looks like an innocent angel...
a sweet little kitty cat.
Until the Christmas bins come out.
We swear she remembers everything inside of them.
She has been on a hunt since yesterday.
She wants a certain snowman.
He carries a little fake evergreen tree in his cute little snowman arms.
He comes out every year.
And every year she pines for him
and yearns for him
and battles him.
Right now he is in the closet.
I had to rearrange the tippy top of the book cases because I had a Santa on top who was carrying a fabric tree.
But it was green and looked like the tree the snowman carries.
Can animals see colors?
I thought they couldn't.
She has literally leaped from the sofa to the top of the shelves and sits next to the Santa.
This morning we found quite a few snowmen and Santas on the ground.
And my Norwegian Mr. and Mrs. Claus on the floor.
We couldn't figure out how she did it because they were on a shelf.
But today I saw her method.
Once she is on the top of the shelves she simply reaches down and hits them to the ground.
This makes her happy.
Very happy.
I did not think she was that conniving.
But she is.

As much as I love her...she looks kind of not so nice in this photo of my now empty bookcase.
As though she engineered this.
And she did.

Yes she did...
my little angel has evil plans and nasty tricks on her mind!!!