Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Once Upon A Time...

Call me dense…yes…you can…but I had not a clue that this book was going to have actual fairy tale characters as its main characters. I was about an eighth of the way through when I realized that Cindy Rella was Cinderella and that the Detective White who had a horrible experience in her childhood with 7 miners…was Snow White. And so the story goes. It sounds as though the book would follow a comedic vein but it really didn’t other than a few tongue in cheek statements made by lots of the characters. It was really a mystery and a good one at that.

Here is the gist of the book…Henry's dad is the big bad wolf and he is in prison for murdering a little old lady and her granddaughter…hmmm…this city or region is separated into humanoids and animalia…and ruled by this chemical company that sort of took over the fairies and starting manufacturing fairy dust instead of allowing the fairies to make it naturally…an evil sort of drug lord is responsible for a ton of really bad things happening and Henry sets out to fix everything.
I won’t tell you if he succeeds or not.

I think I am glad I read Dust City. It was extremely clever and a different enough to be interesting. I read it quickly and didn’t really have to think very hard about anything in it. It was just entertaining.


  1. Don't feel bad - I probably would have been the same way. Happy birthday to you!!

  2. Don't feel bad because I'm sure I would have missed that reference too.

    Is it your bday? Kathy is saying Happy Bday so it must be!! Happy Day to you!

  3. It is my birthday...happy birthday to me...