Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Brr...In May?

Hmm...I am deep into Haunted Ground and it is  very very good.  This author reminds me just a bit of Elizabeth George and Deborah Crombie.  Lovely lovely mysterious happenings that unfold slowly and delightfully.   The story begins as a farmer is cutting turf from a peat bog.  Apparently this is an old old way to heat homes in Ireland that hopefully is no longer in use at this time.  It is not a renewable resource and at the time that this book was written it had to be cut by hand.  I found this fascinating.  Also,  peat bogs appear to preserve anything that is buried within them...hmm...this is where the exciting part of this story begins.  Absolutely what I am in the mood for on a cold rainy May afternoon.   I am bundled up with a cup of green tea and ok...a brownie...and I am blogging, reading and watching CSI...I love multitasking. 


  1. Wow, you can multi-task much better than I can! The book does sound good - I can't wait to read your final thoughts on it.

  2. I am an excellent multi tasker...and this book continues to be really good.