Friday, March 3, 2017

Friday Things...

Last night on the news with Brian Williams there was a segment on chemotherapy and fatigue. The focus was a 27 year old opera singer...who was beautiful. She had Stage Four breast cancer. I immediately felt as though she was a kindred spirit...she wore a knitted hat pulled down hides missing eyebrows...but she had eye makeup on...which I haven't done even though I did buy tons of false eyelashes but haven't used them yet. The point of her story was that she worked out every day to help with fatigue...she ran or walked or did yoga...but she fought through the fatigue...which is something I don't do enough of. My 10 to 15 minutes is nothing compared to her level of working out. Sigh!

I have also sort of put myself in self imposed isolation. I talk to friends and family but I haven't seen anyone in a long time. I haven't even let my sister or brother and sister in law come here. Some weeks certain counts were low and I couldn't see anyone. But much of it is just me. I need to do this on my own. I can't entertain anyone and sometimes I don't want to talk to anyone. Recovery is hard and sad and exhausting. Mostly I am positive and ok...sometimes I am not. My blogger friends...your virtual hugs and your kind words...I can't begin to tell you how much they mean to me. I want to heal while not burdening anyone...except


I actually stopped reading this just was not a book I was enjoying in spite of its good reviews.

I am reading this instead...light and funny.

Not sure what I real read next...but I think it's time for a fantasy! It actually snowed here for about 10 minutes while the sun was shining. We are supposed to have a really cold week end and then in the 60's again next week. Our cherry tree is in bloom!

Have a great week end!




Thursday, March 2, 2017

Thursday's Thoughts!

I am just a bit fatigued today. It's not the kind of fatigue that makes me want to's just a feeling of weariness? And then I remember that my body literally runs at 75%...I was up and down the stairs yesterday a minimum of 4 the end of the day I was exhausted.

I wanted a simple dinner, a shower and bed. Not sleeping, though, just propped up against 4 fluffy pillows...chatting with Den and the girls, reading and TV watching. Today I will push myself to walk on my treadmill and then relax. It's not a day I feel like cooking...we will pick up pasta dinners...and then spend tonight the way we spent last night. I either have blood work or Big Chemo on Wednesdays...yesterday was bloodwork and my platelets were low but they should bounce back by next Wednesday...which is Big Chemo day...yuck! Wednesday's are always scary days for never know what can be up or down and if anything is really off you have to stop treatment until it goes back up again. This scares me because I have had so many stops. I have no clue when I will be done and that scares me, too, but I am pretty much scared of everything that has to do with treatment...scans, bloodwork, reports...all freak me out!

The one positive thing about chemo is that my skin is baby soft! Elbows and heels and legs...are smooth as silk and incredibly soft. But in reality I would rather have rough heels than what I am enduring!


I am fixated on Spring! I want these dresses! My favorite kind...loses, swingy, infinitely comfy. These are all from Free People...except the black's from Mille.


Reading this...really fast paced and really good and nothing that I thought I would read next!

That's my Thursday?

Are you doing anything special on your Thursday?




Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Wednesday's Wonders?

OMG...I found a new food blog called Spoon Fork Bacon or Fork Spoon Bacon...I want to make everything I found there but here are my are at this site and are easy to find!







Finished this...a unique book about campers who love returning to Camp Marigold...year after year...loaded with tons of dysfunctional characters...I enjoyed it...does that sound disturbed to enjoy dysfunction? Yikes!

Still reading's really yummy...I just wish I remembered if I read the first one...

Up next? One of these...just got both of these and the covers are enticing me to read them soon.

This one came in a beautiful box!

My sources of comfort other then Den...

Or else it's the new quilt on our bed...heeheehee! Why are our sheets always so wrinkly?





Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Tuesday Trivia...

Lucy is seems that Den inadvertently gave them the right flavor for breakfast but it was not the brand they love. So Lucy protested and refused to touch it. Roxie just went along with Lucy blindly without really knowing why. Lucy did not eat until we gave her a fresh can of wild caught tuna. After that she had her normal dinner and this morning she ate all of her regular breakfast. We are ridiculous with them...or rather Den is...I am more firm! Ha!

Den is on his way to Weggieman's to get these...they are a Polish donut called a PACZKI. It's pronounced PUNCH KEY. My grandmother used to make these on the day before Ash Wednesday. All that I remember is that they are light and fluffy and sugary. My cousin Ann Louise reminded me of them the other day and that put Den on a mission! He had to have them! Thus...the Wegman's trip early this morning. I don't think my Grandma's were stuffed with anything but I remember watching her make them. And...I think I remember the taste!


I obsess over clothes sometimes...heeheehee!

I am "acquiring" a few spring things...I am in love with these flowy tees from Love, Kuza!

And this dress from Anthropology...sigh!

Books...reading these and both are yummy!


What does your Tuesday have in store for you?




Monday, February 27, 2017

On Monday...It's All About The Books...Usually!'s 11:40 and I have eaten one slice of peanut butter toast for breakfast, played with Roxie, walked on the treadmill and started to warm a pot of soup for lunch. I've cleared email, too, and we are watching Lucy...she usually devours her breakfast but she won't touch it today. Not eating for an elderly kitty is not a good sign but Roxie wouldn't really eat either. It could be a bout of kitty diva rearing it's little spoiled head or tummy trouble. These two eat only organic gluten free's pure and they usually love so much. Roxie is doing a lean into Lucy's bed...could they be conspiring against us? If so...Den and I don't stand a chance. Sigh!

Over the weekend I finished this...a Victorian mystery...really absorbing!

And this...dysfunctional family...each chapter was narrated by a different family member...and everyone of them is hiding a secret! Yum!

New books!

All of these were in my Amazon Vine Queue...

From Amazon...
"With flair and heart, MR. ROCHESTER tells the story that legions of Jane Eyre fans have been waiting more than a century to hear. Sarah Shoemaker's impressive novel takes readers into the mind of one of literature's most vexing and compelling romantic heroes and paints a nuanced portrait of a man torn between responsibility and passion. Packed with historical detail and a fresh look at a classic story, MR. ROCHESTER is a page-turning delight."―Tara Conklin, New York Times bestselling author of The House Girl
From Amazon...
"A tender affair and the redemptive power of art are at the core of this compelling novel from National Book Award finalist Allegra Goodman, “a romantic realist who dazzles with wit [and] compassion” (The Wall Street Journal).
From Amazon...

"The quintessential summer read: a sharp, poignant coming-of-age novel about the magic of camp and the enduring power of female friendship, for readers of Stephanie Danler, Anton DiSclafani, Jennifer Close, and Curtis Sittenfeld"

From Amazon...

"Like absolutely nothing I've read before, Levinson's brilliantly unsettling, fiercely funny novel takes on both dangerous intolerance in the near-future world, and in the confines of one wildly destructive family, where ties tighten like nooses and kith and kin can become like warring political systems. Affecting and hilarious, and filled with dark truths that gleam like jewels. I totally loved it." Caroline of Cruel Beautiful World

So...that's my Monday... shower and lunch and my next book are in my immediate future! Oh...this week we are going to try to watch a Oscar one...almost every it's either Moonlight or Arrival. Tomorrow it's most likely Hacksaw Ridge...