Friday, August 4, 2017

The Week's End!

It seemed as though we had a lot of stuff to deal with this week. House stuff never ends. Now it's the gutters! Who knew? I actually showed my hair to my neighbor, a nurse at Oncology and my Oncologist...I have been out and about this week wearing a baseball cap...with a buff wrapped around my wrist in case of a hat emergency. I feel good...strong...hopeful...peaceful. That's enough for me for now. I have been hurting and scared for so long. I didn't realize the toll this takes on everyone.

Lucy remains the same...we aren't even sure what that means. She can get to her beds, litter and food. She is far too weak to walk downstairs and she sleeps much of the time. It breaks my heart but I have to be at peace with her and accept where she is. This may sound awful but I pray that she would just peacefully die in her sleep. I love her too much to decide her fate...I don't think I can.

It's amazing how much I love walking outside as opposed to my treadmill. We are researching bikes...even if we have to drive to a bike trail...since we aren't moving we need new stuff to do. Walking at Longwood Gardens and exploring bike trails should keep us busy.


Loving this...

Confused but fascinated by's told in reverse.

Eager to read this...

And this...

Hooked on these Italian hard candies with a fizzy center! Yum!






  1. That doesn't sound awful about Lucy at all. I used to pray the same thing about our dog when we had her.

    I'm so glad you're getting out!!

    1. It seems the most peaceful...doesn't it! It feels so good to get out!

  2. Hoping for peace for Lucy. I think I'm going to get The Identicals. Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Patty, you are far stronger than you thought you were. And, you will be fot Lucy, too...just as Den was for you. Because that is what love does. Hugs.