Saturday, July 8, 2017

Miscellaneous Thoughts?

I have been trying to do a Friday wrap up post and then not post again until Monday. I like the idea of posting on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but here I am posting on a Saturday! The girls and I are in our bedroom... my favorite place to chillax...watching Grantchester...a PBS Mystery. It's so good. Really good. Exceedingly good. And the priest who plays Grantchester was the worst bad guy ever in another Netflix series that we binge watched last year...I think it was called Happy Valley. Den loves Bosch...we are in the midst of Season 2...I snuck in a Poirot yesterday which I thought was hugely fun! Our taste are so different but somehow we work out our differences...bribes? That usually works for me! I am always up for a bribe.


Can't put this one's the second one in the Hampton's mysteries...innkeeper Antonia has a knack for murder...or rather finding murdered people. She also loves breads and pastries and pastas and cheeses and really yummy foods. It's going to be easy to binge read through all three of these!


I think that I could happily live on these grilled vegetables for a long time! Stuffed in a pita? With some cheeses and a good ciabatta bread? Yum! Thank you Damn Delicious!



This is my week for buying new soft floral printed night gowns. Last year I only wanted black sleeveless ones...this year it's all about flowers!

These Eileen West ones are soft and fluttery and comfy!


Two new tunic y tees from Free People! So comfy and wearable!

One sweet photo of my little bed buddy...

The best root beer ever! Thank you for finding it, Den!


The chair Roxie claims as hers...

The cake I need to bake immediately!

So that's my mixed up Saturday!





  1. I loved Happy Valley!

    I also love tunics.

    Enjoy your day. I just got back from the store, so now I have food!

  2. The nightgowns look great for warm weather. That's a good idea...grilled vegetables. I'll have Eric do that next time. We will have chicken kebabs today.

  3. I want those grilled vegetables too! Yummy!

    I'm a pajama gal.

    My nephew loves Boylan's root beer too. Have you ever had Oskar Blues'?

    1. I don't think I have but I will try it soon!

    2. I kno...those veggies...either hot or chilled...I want them!

  4. Doesn't look like a bad day! We had a wedding, lots of fun!!