Monday, May 8, 2017


We can justify not racing out to the store if we are out of bread, milk, even half and half but...if we are out of paper towels? We are in the car and racing off to get them! That's the way our Monday began.

We need paper towels!

Actually I am sipping tea whilst Den goes out for paper towels and kitty food. We are trying to limit what goes into the refrigerator because the new one is coming tomorrow...this is one of those paper refrigerator...Wednesday...scan results and Big ick feeling that will not go away for a few days. Sigh...


Finished and loved this's really about two separate families living at a country house called Applecote fifty years apart. There is a missing cousin, lots of suspicious behavior and tons of mystery. It's dramatic and complex and lovely all at the same time. I truly loved it. And it is about sisters...dysfunctional least they are dysfunctional for a while.

Now I am reading this...and it's yet another sister book! Hmmm...

Just a few of my new books! All from Edelweiss! But I think I might have this one in real book format...I must check my piles!

All descriptions are from Amazon.

"In an enthralling new historical novel from national bestselling author Kate Quinn, two women—a female spy recruited to the real-life Alice Network in France during World War I and an unconventional American socialite searching for her cousin in 1947—are brought together in a mesmerizing story of courage and redemption."

"New York Times bestselling author Dorothea Benton Frank returns to her magical Lowcountry of South Carolina in this bewitching story of marriage, love, family, and friendship that is infused with her warm and engaging earthy humor and generous heart."


"The word 'masterpiece' has been cheapened by too many blurbs, but My Absolute Darling absolutely is one." —Stephen King


"From the instant New York Times bestselling author of blockbuster thrillers In a Dark, Dark Wood and The Woman in Cabin 10 comes Ruth Ware’s chilling new novel."


So...Den and I are having such fun making this bread! We have made this twice...and again it's too easy for words. So...I bought the cookbook...this one...

The only bowls that I did not own were these...basic Pyrex bowls that I know were in my mom's kitchen but not in mine. They are the bowls this bread gets baked in so I had to buy them from Amazon!


Such unexciting bowls and yet I can't wait until they arrive!

Off to walk and bake bread and read and chill!

What is the one item you can't stand running out of? Just curious...





  1. We got some of the same books! I bet you get them read before I do.

    I hope this week, especially the chemo goes well for you.

  2. Oh, I love your books today! I have requested The Lying Game...and I hope to get the others at some point.

    I'll probably run off to get the ones I've been using are now creating an allergy. Or maybe it is the hair color or one of the other products. Yikes!

    Today one of the maintenance men is coming to clear out the weeds I couldn't get to on the patio...and maybe I can talk him into taking down my old patio umbrella and putting up the new one. Hmm, I'll just have to see what mood he is in. LOL.

    Have a great day!

    1. Bake him a cake? That might work...

  3. Have they given you a date for your last chemo treatment or does it depend on what's going on?

    A new fridge is a huge deal these days. They are so advanced now.

    1. It is...and ours is built in so it can only be a certain size. The measurements are weird...and we end up getting a refrigerator that is smaller than we's weird. It's the same with our microwave and oven and cook top.

  4. Stefanie Ng has left a new comment on your post "Monday!":

    That bread book makes me drool. I made Alexandra's Peasant bread and they bake in 1 qrt bowls that I need to get. I used a 1.5 quart or bigger, just making one round.

  5. All of your books look fabulous! I have The Sunshine Sisters.
    Did you read The Summer House? I finished it today. LOVED it.

    1. I think I did read The Summer House., the Jane Green book has started out really in a great has my attention!

  6. I love the simplicity of those bowls! They look so vintage.

    1. I think they have been around forever!

  7. Rest up so you can have fun next week!